Samsung Believes Foldable Phones Are The New Flip Phones

Samsung has been showing a lot of interest in foldable phones these days and according to their latest patent application, it has renders of a phone that folds and looks like a flip phone when folded from the middle. 

The Korean company is expected to release a phone that bends within the next year and it is not certain if this new found patent has anything to do with these claims. According to the render, the design of the bendable phone may have interesting features if this feat can be pulled off. 
Samsung Foldable Phones© Samsung
Folding a phone in half makes it easier for users to carry it around and the phone’s inward bending feature could be comfortable to hold ergonomically. Samsung has been experimenting with foldable/bendable phones for quite some time and previous patents have showed that Samsung is not only experimenting with bending smartphones but also a phone which can roll up like a scroll. 

Bending/Folding phones may face huge obstacles as the screen being used in the phones need to agile and have capabilities to move without cracking or breaking. It also means that it shouldn’t affect any of the components inside the phone and of course have a bendable battery. 

All we have to do now is to wait for Samsung to acknowledge the phone for us to go bat-shit crazy. The future is almost here!


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