How To Use and Pay Through BHIM UPI using Paytm


The popular Payment wallet app Paytm recently offered BHIM-UPI compatibility, as support for its Payment Bank service. The BHIM-UPI integration with paytm app will help the user to set up a Paytm virtual payment address (VPA). The user can link their Bank Account to Paytm virtual payment address and start using BHIM-UPI, for sending and receiving money anywhere they're accepted, without having a Paytm Bank account. 

How To Use Paytm BHIM-UPI Feature?

 How To Use Paytm BHIM-UPI Feature

Using BHIM-UPI feature in Paytm is very easy. In order to use the Paytm BHIM-UPI Feature, firstly you need to update your Paytm App.  After that just follow the following steps in order to start receiving and sending money using Paytm UPI feature.

Setting up BHIM-UPI in Paytm app

  • In Order to set up  BHIM-UPI in Paytm app, Tap on the BHIM UPI Icon on the app's Homepage
  • Now select your Bank.
  • Now App will ask you to verify your mobile, linked to your Bank account.

  • After verification of your mobile number, you need to verify or set up a UPI PIN if it doesn't exist already.

How To Use Paytm BHIM-UPI Feature

  • By default paytm allots a default UPI address i.e., mobile-number@paytm (e,g. 9875643210@paytm). If you want you can also set up a custom UPI address.

  • You can setup up to 2 UPI addresses at any given point of time.

Making a Payment using Paytm UPI :

  • Send Money to Someone: In order to send Money to someone you know, Enter their VPA (UPI address) in the BHIM-UPI tab.

  • Pay a bill online: Enter the VPA (UPI address) you created to get a payment request in the Paytm app. 

  • To pay offline:
  1.  Tap the Pay button.
  2.  Now scan a QR code to pay - this allows you to pay either by Paytm wallet or UPI, depending on which mode the merchant supports.

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