4 Trends In Javascript For Budding Coders And Experienced Programmers

4 Trends In Javascript For Budding Coders And Experienced Programmers

Despite being one of the “older” website and app programming languages, JavaScript continues to be one of the most popular. Estimates actually indicate that approximately 94.9% of all sites on the internet use JavaScript in some capacity.

That said, the specific manner in which developers use JavaScript has changed over the years. If you’re a programmer, you should stay on top of upcoming trends to better understand how you may use this language in the near future. As the building block for a variety of software programs, like those running on the React Native framework and many others, JavaScript is an essential language for any programmer to know. Specific trends to be aware of in 2020 include:

The Increasing Popularity of Node.js

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Node.js is a free open source server environment that has quickly earned the admiration of many developers. This isn’t merely because it runs on a wide range of popular platforms. Node.js is also well-liked because it allows developers to use JavaScript on the back-end as well as the front-end. 

This is beneficial when you need to write server-side applications without switching to a different programming language. Additionally, Node.js allows for fast processing, which is often important in eCommerce apps.


More Developers Using Storybook

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Developing both an application and its UI according to the same schedule has traditionally been challenging. Storybook, designed specifically for React applications, is changing that. Quite simply, Storybook allows users to develop an app’s UI outside of the application itself. That means they can efficiently work on the UI while the other team works on the app, with neither team’s progress getting in the way of the other team’s.

Testing with Jest

It’s, of course, important that you thoroughly test any app you create with JavaScript before releasing it. You don’t want to make a poor initial impression on users because you didn’t realize your app doesn’t always perform as intended.

Luckily, Jest provides a framework that makes testing apps built with JavaScript potentially easier than ever. Unlike some other testing frameworks and solutions, Jest is unique because it gives users the option to run multiple tests simultaneously. This naturally reduces the amount of time you would otherwise spend on this crucial phase of the development process.

Boosting Efficiency with TypeScript

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TypeScript is another tool that helps developers work more efficiently. As a typed version of JavaScript, it does so through its automatic code completion feature. This, of course, helps developers write clean code faster than they otherwise could.

Keep all these points in mind as you work on your app development projects this year. After all, a developer is only as strong as their tools. These are some smart options to consider using this year.


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