3 Common Android App Development Mistakes Developers Must Avoid

Common Android App Development Mistakes Developers Must Avoid

Making an app isn’t easy, but more people are developing mobile tools than ever before. Mobile app developers often decide early on in the process whether to develop their initial launch for Android or iOS devices. In most cases, the choice is clear: a large user base and developer toolkit for Android makes it the ideal place to start.

With a ton of apps entering the Play Store every single day, it’s tough to stand out. For most Android app developers, gaining an audience and paving a path for growth is easy when you avoid common pitfalls. To ensure the success of your next development project, here are three mistakes to avoid during Android app development.

Mistakes to Avoid in Android App Development

Successful Android app developers don’t have some fail-proof approach to their design process. In fact, the best way to set yourself up for success is to pay close attention to a few key areas that can land you in some trouble.

#1. Keep in Mind Android’s Diverse Device:

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Android is used in the largest market share of mobile devices, but they range greatly in size, style, and structure. With that in mind, developers need to ensure they don’t keep one specific device in mind during development.

For example, someone’s tablet is going to have a much different screen size and pixel count than the latest Galaxy smartphone.

Android’s developer tools do a great job of helping you keep these device varieties in mind. Be sure to use the tools given to you rather than assume you’re experienced enough to avoid this mistake. You’d be surprised at how many forget to consider diverse device capabilities and presentations until they are weeks into the development process.

#2. Don’t Set Out to Clone an iOS App:

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Cloning an iOS app is a common mistake many developers make. From a static menu to customizable notification colors and settings, Android apps simply can’t be made the same way as an iOS app.

The end game might be to put your app on both devices. While that’s an acceptable goal to have, you can’t do both at the same time without missing key features on both operating systems.

When beginning a build in Android app development, focus on this operating system and all it can do before you start modeling features and functions to an entirely different system.

#3. Ensure the Proper Use of Background Threads:

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Every time you boot up an Android app, a new process runs that directly impacts the app’s speed and performance. The main thread can connect to everything from image and data storage to network connectivity, but that clogs the thread from optimum performance. Instead, background threads can handle things like network access and data writing to ensure a better user experience.

Threads are a direct impact on the app’s responsiveness and performance. Especially in the early weeks of a new launch, performance is going to make or break your effort to engage with early adopters and set yourself up for growth. Ensuring the proper use of background threads can make all the difference.

Android app developers can boast an incredible toolkit at their disposal. By using all the tools available to them and keeping these tips in mind, the development process can be smooth and steady as you prepare for launch.

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