Artificial Intelligence is the New Face of Security?

Artificial Intelligence is the New Face of Security

Artificial Intelligence is the New Face of Security  

Artificial intelligence is making moves into almost every aspect of life and business. We have smart cars coming on the market, smart appliances, digital personal assistants, and smart homes and businesses. These are all examples of products using AI programming to serve us better.

In the world of security, smart technologies are going to come together make our homes and businesses safer. When you integrate these smart technologies into a building, they can use sensors to collect data about the people that use the property and the activities that are normal to the location. They can then use machine learning to identify patterns.

When the smart security system knows the normal patterns of the location, it can then act as an additional layer of security that goes beyond sensors that trigger alarms based on preprogrammed settings. It can remind you to lock your doors and close your windows, it could notify you if you forget to set the alarm, and it could send a call to emergency services if it detects signs that indicate a security concern.

AI Locking Mechanisms:

Artificial Intelligence 


Locks are the most basic form of premises security, but the old lock and key system is not perfect. A lock can be picked, keys get lost, and an intruder might find a way to copy a key to gain access. With the support of AI programming, locks won’t need the traditional key anymore.
With the advent of IoT programming, you could install locking systems that work with your smartphone. Utilizing this integration, the doors can be set to unlock when they detect your phone approaching the door. 
You can also program the locks to open for certain people and exclude others. These systems could also keep records of which person is accessing which door at different times. With cameras, the system could even use face recognition to ensure that the person with the phone is actually the person that has authorized access.

Cameras That Do More:


CCTV cameras can be one of the most effective deterrents for intruders. Past studies have shown that most burglars will select another target when they identify the presence of security cameras on a home or business. With newer systems, HD cameras can provide a clear image of any trespasser in the event of a break in.
Furthermore, an AI powered CCTV systems can do much more than just record the property to provide evidence after the fact. With a combination of CCTV cameras and other sensors, a security system that uses AI could detect suspicious behavior and alert the police. It could even be programmed to recognize certain people in order to avoid false alarms.

Smart Homes and Buildings:

Artificial Intelligence; IOT 


With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), there will soon be entire buildings where everything is smart and interconnected. You will be able to control and monitor various devices and functions from a phone or tablet, and these devices will constantly collect data, analyze that data, and find meaningful patterns that can be used for the benefit of the occupants.
When you integrate home security in with the Internet of Things, you have security that is truly smart. Devices like cameras, motion sensors, and audio sensors can all work together to provide your home or business with the best security possible. You could even monitor and manage your security system from anywhere in the world.

The Future of Smart Security Systems:

 Artificial Intelligence


Many of these features are already available in some form. We already have digital personal assistants that handle a number of different tasks, and we have some of these smart security features working in different settings. The future of AI security systems is going to be a push toward better integration.
With many of the current systems, the different components do not communicate as effectively as they could. Right now, you might need one app to monitor and manage the cameras, a second app to operate the locks, and a variety of other AI-powered apps to control different non-security features.
When everything can be brought together under the control of one master AI system, it will make for security systems that are smarter, more convenient, and more effective at performing the various tasks that go into securing a property.

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