Instead Of Buying iPhone X, Here’s Everything You Can invest on With ₹1,02,000

iPhone X

Instead Of Buying iPhone X, Here’s Everything You Can invest on With ₹1,02,000

With the launch of iPhone X last night, Tim cook predicted the future of apple. But people are quipping over it. iPhone X have the wireless charging system and might have best of its specification till date with 64 GB version at Rs 89,000 and 256GB at Rs 1,02,000, but the joke over the price is definite as spending a lakh wouldn’t be appropriate on a smartphone. 

iPhone X

Many people would drop the thought on investing their capital on it as the Indian Middle class mentality says that it costs too much and is not worth it. I know many people would be in opposition to my words but if I am given a choice on investing a lakh on iphone or on the rest of the stuffs. 

I would have opted for other stuffs to spend on without any hesitation. People are decisive when it comes to iPhone, but you need to give it a thought before investing your amount on it. Come on I mean you can pervade in your dreams if you have a lakh to invest on.

One Lakh! Doesn’t it amounts a lot, even before investing such a great amount your thoughts must be quivering. People just give it a thought again before you go for it. There are many things where you can invest your capital on. Here is the list :

1. You can buy Bajaj Pulsar  200F as the lowest price which amounts to Rs 91,553.

 Bajaj Pulsar  200F

2. Can buy 10 smartphones worth of 10, 000 Rs each.


micromax infinity

3. 255 movie tickets in a posh multiplex, at just Rs 400 per ticket.

posh multiplex 

4. 1 VVIP seats for Justin Beiber’s concert still you be left with Rs 30,000.

Justin Beiber’s concert  

5. A plate of dosa of Rs 100 each a day at a good restaurant for 3 years.

Masala dosa  

6. 5 years worth of subscription at a high-end gym, where you can work out with celebrities. Costs nearly 20k p.a. with a trainer included.

high-end gym 

7. A trip to Mauritius for 2 people.


8. Set of 268 4 packs of Kingfisher Ultra Max-set for a year.

Kingfisher Ultra Max 

 9. You can own about 117 shares of India’s most valued company — Reliance Industries, which is currently traded at Rs 853.4 

Reliance Industries 

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