DIY: How To Turn Your PC Into TV


Every problem has the solution within it. We are here to tackle your problem who had to pay cable charges as well as high Internet speed bill. Everything can be watched and used as per the customer’s interest. 

Solely you need not to choose between your favourite TV series and World Wide Web. With our new technology and development, old computers can be turned into TV. Interest seekers have both the option available and also you can save space plus your money in addition reducing the needless electronics waste.


  • Old computer with at least 10 GB of free hard-drive space and a fairly fast processor 

  •  TV tuner or USB-based tuner box


1. Install the TV signal :

Firstly you need to install your hardware to give your computer screen a TV signal. There are plenty of devices through which you can install. All depends on you on choosing as its upto you as of how much can you devote and what kind of a quality you want for your PC. 

Between two choose a TV tuner(with or without a graphics card, depending on your computer's capabilities) or external TV tuner box. Installation has to be done by the professional for TV tuner card, this provides a lucid connection to TV channels. External TV tuner box can be installed easily by just connecting your computer’s USB port, but the connectivity might be slower, giving you a lower resolution image.

2. Install TV tuner software: 

One need to carry on with the installation of the software that displays with your tuner onto your PC. The installed software will allow you to take charge on the channels and volume with the help of remote control. There are many more facilities you can opt for like recording your live TV shows onto your computer’s hard drive. Next you need to follow the instruction to install the software completely by inserting the disc provided with your hardware.

3. Channel Surf:  

Now you are all ready for surfing the TV channels on your computer screen. You have now the complete legal access on surfing to TV shows which does not surfs well on the internet.


Source: HowStuffWorksh

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