Year In Review 2016 : List Of 8 products Google killed in 2016

Last year Google introduce several new products including its all-new Pixel smartphone range and Daydream Virtual Reality platform. But as always there was some spring cleaning too,where in some products and services were shut down.While one of these was launched last year only,some were products Google acquired over the years to boost its offering. Here is a list of Eight products and Services that were Killed During the Year 2016......................

1.Google Compare

Google Compare is another product from the company that the company pulled the plug on during the year 2016. The company's lead generation product google compare was completely shut down in March last year. The Comparison-shopping website for auto insurance,credit card and mortgages was started in 2015. The website allowed shoppers to view multiple offers from auto insurers, mortgages lenders and credit card companies. (Image courtesy: Digital Trends)

2.Google Hangout on Air

In August, Google announced that its live-streaming service Hangout on Air will be discontinued next month (September).In a new post on Google's YouTube support page,the company gave instructions on how Hangout on Air users can use YouTube Live for all their live-streaming videos. Hangout Air was launched in 2012 when Google added live-streaming features to its existing Hangout product.The company has President Obama do a live broadcast on the platform.

3.Google Nexus Line

Another Big product line killed by Google last year was Nexus. The company's latest Google Pixel smartphones replaced its Nexus branded smartphones.Talking about the Nexus lineup during the launch of Pixel smartphones,the company said that it has "no plans" for a future Nexus product.Google launched its first Nexus hardware device in 2010.Since then the company launched eight phone,four tablets and two media players under the Nexus branding.

4.Google Picasa

Last year in February Google announced that it will no longer support the Picasa desktop application after March 16,2016."After much thought and consideration, we've decided to retire Picasa over the coming months in order to focus entirely on a single photo service in Google Photos,"Anil Sabharwal, the head of the Google Photo team,wrote in a blog post. Picasa was founded in the year 2002, in 2004 Google bought the company. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

5.Project Ara

This is another ambitious project that the Google Killed in the Year 2016.Project Ara was the company's project that aimed to build an about-face for the company,which had announced a host of partners for Project Ara at Google I/O 2106.

6.Chrome Apps on Mac,Windows,Linux

Last year ,Google ended support for Chrome apps on Mac,Windows and Linux. The company announced on plan to gradually phase out support for Chrome app on every platform except for its own Chrome OS.In a blog post,the company said that in the second half of the 2017, Windows,Mac and Linux users won't be able to load Chrome app in the Chrome Web store. And Company early 2018, user will no longer be able to load Chrome app on Windows,Mac and Linux at all.

7.My Tracks

Another addition to Google's graveyard list for 2016 is its fitness tracking app My Tracks. Launched in 2009,My Tracks helped tracking speed,distance traveled and more during walking,cycling and running."After April 30,2016,My Tracks will no longer be available.We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause My Track users,We've made the tough decision to invest our effort into other, more wide-reaching, mapping project," read the official statement on the MY Track support website.


The latest service that Google killed last year is Panoramio, a location-centric photo-sharing service. Acquired by Google in 2007, Panormio was used by the search giant to enhance its Google Maps and Google Earth services with crowd-sourced imagery. Google had tried to kill the service in 2014 too, however, at that time, some users successfully petitioned the company to keep it open. Like Picasa, Panoramio too was phased out in favor of Google Photos.


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