5 New Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind Off in 2017

Here we have brought a list of Top 5 new inventions of 2017 that will blow your Mind Off.Checkout these latest and amazing inventions from internet that are really going to make your mad.

1.CityGo Urban – Changing your Urban Commute Forever

Made to navigate a city environment, the Citygo Urban will offer you an advanced e-scooter experience that takes the innovative power of smart and transfers it to the scooter lane! The unique design is a perfect fit for all urban lifestyles, especially working professionals who not only need to get to work on time, but wish to do so in style. Brought to you by designers from the automobile industry, it has the sleek and elegant look of a luxury car with none of the headaches.

2. Sprite: portable and rugged.

A totally different drone Sprite is a completely different kind of unmanned aerial vehicle. Portable, rugged, powerful, and easy to use. A tool, not a toy.

3. Dart: The World’s Smallest Laptop Adapter

The Dart is the world’s smallest, lightest laptop adapter. At a powerful 65W it is a perfect complement to today’s thin, lightweight, portable laptops. It fits in a pocket and is designed with a USB port and single outlet profile to make it easy for you to stay charged up when you’re on the road.

4. Renegade: The World’s First 3D Pen to Run on Plastic Bottles

Renegade, has been designed to extrude melted plastic, just like other 3D printing pens, but rather than use store bought filaments, it uses plastic bottles, bags, and files.

5. NudeAudio Super-M high performance Bluetooth speaker

NudeAudio Super-M Super-high performance Bluetooth speaker are waterproof & sand proof, that fits in your jeans pocket – minus all the stuff you don’t need.


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