How to Make a Smartphone Projector With A Shoebox






 How to Make a Smartphone Projector With A Shoebox

 Hello Friends did you find it hard to enjoy movie on you Smartphone and wishes if you would be able to enjoy movies on the big screen at your Home.So,here a pro Trick for You with the help of which you can now enjoy movies on the Big Screen at your and that too without spending anything.

Yes, now you can build your own Smartphone Project at your Home! and that too with the help of Old shoe-box and some office supplies. It is a very fun, simple and easy project that you could do at home. Yes, you can! It is a fun, simple and easy physics experiment that you could do at home

You can Turn your Smartphone into a Projector with this Hack and enjoy movies and videos on the big screen. Here we do this DIY from simple Office Supplies.

With this in mind, you may have flirted with the idea of turning your handset into a DIY smartphone projector. This video by TechBuilder can help you bring this concept to life, so long as you have the following items:

  • A Hack-saw
  • A Shoe Box
  • A Magnifying Glass (for the projector lens)
  • A Foam Board
  • A Box Cutter
  • A Glue Gun
  • A Ruler
  • A Compass
  • Some Cellotape
  • Your Smartphone
things you will need for making diy projector from smartphone
things you will need for making DIY projector from smartphone

What to Look Out for When Making Your DIY Smartphone Projector


With these items, you can begin to construct your simple and yet ingenious DIY smartphone projector using the steps in the video. Remember to keep the following points in mind:
  • Use lots of glue when securing the shoe box. This prevents it from wobbling when the section is cut for the projector lens.
  • Use a compass to guide the box-cutter blade as this creates a precise hole for the lens.
  • When securing your smartphone against the foam board, ensure that it is placed centrally and aligned with the lens.
  • Remember to focus the lens (once complete) by moving the smartphone back and forth within the casing.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


  1. Can you make modifications to optimize the Audio Output?
    You can punch a small hole on the casing and connect an auxiliary cable. If not, consider using either a Bluetooth speaker or a sound bar to optimize the sound.
  2. How can I improve the clarity of the picture after calibrating?
    Before you place your smartphone in the casing, adjust the sharpness, brightness, and contrast settings the get the best clarity and quality of the image.
  3. Can I use any phone on this project?
    While the video uses an iPhone, you can use any Android or Apple handset so long as the casing is cut to a proportionate size.
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