5 Ultimate Ways to Make the Most of Limited Storage on Your Phone



In the today's time the smartphones have become an essential part of our life.We not only use them for connecting with our love ones or just for entertainment but also for the storage purpose.We store certain Documents,pictures etc in our smartphones.

In present scenario the biggest problem we face is low memory space.No matter how much space is present on our phone for the storage purpose ,soon or later we will start to feel the heat of low memory space.Then we try to use some temporary methods to free up our phone memory like transferring file from our phone to our pc or some external stoage.These methods proved to be temporary remedies because after sometime again there arrives the problem of low memory space.

so,today we bring 5 methods with the help of which you can always have free space on your phone without struggling with the existing data on your phone. These 5 ways can help you to organize data on your phone so that there is always a room for new content.

1. Play with the camera resolution 

Did you ever notice that much of the space on your phone is consumed by pictures and videos? Before writing the article, I checked the storage breakup on my phone and found pictures and videos consuming half of the storage space.

It doesn’t imply that you should limit yourself to the number of pictures and videos you take everyday; it, instead, suggests that you can smartly manage the size of each photo/video by capturing them in different resolutions as per your needs. More so because most of your photos and videos just make their way to the social networks, which usually do not require you to upload content in the highest resolution.

For example, a photo taken in 13 megapixel weighs about 3.15 MB (this will vary from image to image). The same image when shot in 4 megapixel weighs less than 1.5 MB. Now think of the space that you can save on while taking thousands of pictures in 4 megapixel.

2. Disable auto-download on WhatsApp 


A lot of media files including heavy videos are exchanged every day on WhatsApp. Most of us don’t end up watching all of the content that we receive, but let it sit on the phone which goes on to eat up the otherwise precious storage space.

While you can’t have control over what is sent to you on WhatsApp, you can easily manage what all should be downloaded to your phone. And the best way is to disable “Media auto-download” on your WhatsApp. This means you can easily decide and download files of your interest.

3. Apps to delete unwanted WhatsApp images/videos 


If you don’t like the idea of disabling “Media auto-download” on your phone, we have another solution for you to help you get rid of those unwanted WhatsApp images, videos and memes shared by friends and family.

While you can easily delete all of the WhatsApp images in a jiffy and clean up your storage space, you wouldn’t want to. This is because those images could also have photos from your vacation, picnic, or parties shared with you on WhatsApp by your friends and cousins. And this is where third-party apps such as Magic Cleaner come to your rescue. 

 Magic Cleaner saves you a lot of time and effort in freeing up space on your phone. The app scans your WhatsApp images, identifies the junk ones and sorts them into categories for easy filtration.
In our tests, we found the image identification and filtration process to be quite accurate. 

If you know of more such apps, you can let us know in the comments below. 

4. Backup photos and videos to the cloud




With a plethora of cloud services available, it has become simple and easier for people to have storage space at hand. Android users can backup their photos and videos to the Google Photos library, including ones that would be captured in the future.

Similarly, Apple users can backup their photos to iCloud. Besides, there are other cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive available.

5. Reduce the days of emails to sync


You can also free up the space on your phone by reducing the days of emails to sync on the mail services you use on your phone. It may not free up as much space on your phone as other ways listed above can, but it is definitely an important cog in the large wheel.


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