iPhone SE:9 Best Features that you will Love To know about iPhone SE

 After the months of speculation Apple have finally come out with its small screen iPhone SE.Apple Launches its least expensive iPhone on Monday.filling a hole in its product lineup with a small screen model.targeting the new customers in emerging markets and fans of smaller phones as the company tries to stimulate falling phone sales.

Here's a quick look at the top 9 features of the iPhone SE,that will surely make you to love it.

#1. A9 processor

What makes iPhone SE a powerful smartphone is its A9 chipset, which is the same piece of silicon that powers iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The chipset contains a 1.8GHz dual-core processor and is coupled with 2GB of RAM for smooth all-round performance.

#2. Long-term iOS support

While iPhone SE comes preloaded with iOS 9.3, Apple is likely to give the smartphone at least three more iOS updates (or maybe even four, considering even iPhone 4S received the iOS 9 update). This puts it at par with iPhone 6S in terms of OS updates and ahead of iPhone 6 and 5S.

#3. 12MP rear camera

Apple has used a 12MP iSight camera with dual-LED, two-tone flash on the back. The primary camera has top features like Focus Pixel autofocus, Auto HDR image capture, 4K video recording, and time lapse and slow-motion videos. It can also stitch together multiple images to create a panorama photo of 63MP resolution and capture 8MP photos while recording 4K videos.

#4. Live Photos

iPhone SE supports Live Photos, a feature introduced last year that allows users to turn short video clips of photos they click. The feature works by recording videos 1.5-seconds before and after a photo is clicked using an iPhone SE, 6S and 6S Plus. Live Photos can be viewed in the gallery, put on the lockscreen as the wallpaper and uploaded on Facebook.

#5. Hey Siri

iPhone SE also gets support for Hey Siri, the feature that lets users interact with Siri without pressing any button. Just say Hey Siri out loud anywhere and Apple’s digital assistant will be at your service.

#6. Retina display

Though Apple has scrimped on the screen size with iPhone SE, the company has not compromised on the display quality. iPhone SE’s 4-inch screen has display resolution of 1136x640p, resulting in pixel density of 326ppi, or what Apple calls Retina display. According to the iPhone maker, the human eye cannot distinguish individual pixels beyond this display resolution.

#7. Health app

The Health app is also an important feature of iPhone SE as it lets the smartphone track users’ fitness and activity levels with the help of the integrated M9 motion coprocessor. With the app, iPhone SE users will be able to track the number of steps walked, distance run, stairs climbed etc. They can also remain abreast of their nutrition and sleep statistics using the Health app.

#8. Rose gold colour

Apart from iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, iPhone SE is the only other Apple smartphone to feature the new rose gold colour option that the company debuted last year. Not only does it add a new hue to the lineup, it is also a great way for buyers to distinguish their new purchase from iPhone 5 & 5S, which look nearly identical to the new iPhone SE.

#9. Apple Pay

iPhone SE comes with an NFC chip in order to support Apple Pay, the company’s digital payments platform. Apple Pay lets users make payments on point-of-sale terminals in retail stores with just a tap. The service is available only in the US, the UK, China, Australia and Canada so far; there is no official word on its rollout in India yet.

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