Top 5 Free Audio Editing Software 2017

 Top 5 Free Audio Editing Softwares 2017 | TechDoge

Whether you are professional or a new buddy, dealing with audio files is not a easy task. In such a case a good quality audio editor will help you to save your valuable time and effort. If you are new user then the use of some highly complex audio editors may scare you . To help you out, today we have bought a list of best free audio editor of the year 2017.

You might be looking to looking to convert your old record and cassette collection into MP3 format or just looking to create a soundtrack for your home movies or something else then these free audio editor are really going to help you out. Let's have a look:

1. Audacity :

Audacity | TechDoge 

Audacity is a free audio editing tool. It is most powerful and flexible tool available. It is available for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac. Audacity is equipped with an expensive suit of build-in tool with lots of effects and support for various audio format. There are some paid tools, which you need to buy before use. Still Audacity is a best tool for beginners. It enables you to edit per-recorded files, capture sound through an attached microphone, or even stream music and podcasts.

2. Ocenaudio :

Ocenaudio | TechDoge 

Ocenaudio is also a powerful audio editing tool. Like Audacity it is also available on multiple platform (Windows, Linux and Mac). Ocenaudio is easy to manage as compare to Audacity and is a best tool for the beginners.

Ocenaudio has a clear and easy to use interface, equipped with amazing filters and add-on tools. The Real-time effect previewing helps to speed-up your task, as don't need to apply a change just to try it out. You can edit both offline and online content with the help of this tool. 

3. DVDVideoSoft Free Audio Editor : 

  DVDVideoSoft Free Audio Editor | TechDoge

It is a power-packed tool for editing and trimming the audio clips or audio files. It has easy to use icon-driven interface with no potentially confusing menus and drop-down lists. It is a great tool for the beginners who no experience of using such tools. Although it doesn't have any external filters but it still can help you to export and save your tracks and audio files in multiple formats. It is a best tool for trimming and converting sound files as straightforward as possible.

4. mp3DirectCut :

mp3DirectCut | TechDoge 

Mp3Direct cut is a great audio tool with no fancy options but covering all the basics. It is combo of multiples tools and can be used from simple track splitting, to normalizing audio, increasing volume,fading and more. It comes with Automatic pause detection that make it easier to decided where to split a track.

The Mp3DirectCut is also backed with Batch processing option that helps you to apply some effects and settings to multiple files or a folder full of files.

5. Acoustica Basic Edition :

Acoustica Basic Edition | TechDoge 

If you are looking to produce music then Acoustica is a great editing tool. Along with making your own recordings, you can directly open files from your PC, can also import tracks straight from CDs and can also edit and export (or save) to your favorite format.

It has a very professional look and feel, and is a more advance editor with easy navigation but unfortunately you may need to pay for using some of its great features as its free version is missing them. Opting for the free version means missing out on options such as a multi-track editor and support for 7.1 surround sound.

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