LED TV Buying Guide- Top 5 Tips To Remember

LED TV Buying Guide- Top 5 Tips

LED TV Buying Guide- Top 5 Tips To Remember

LED TVs have been around for nearly seven to eight years and have replaced a lot of LCD TV in households and offices. Even smartphone makers have employed the use of LED screens to retain their customer base. So if you need help buying your new LED TV, then here are some tips that will help you find the right LED TV for your home and workplace:

1) Size of the LED TV:

LED TV Buying Guide- Top 5 Tips To Remember 

This depends on your room size. If you have a big living room, always go for a size that ranges from 60 to 65 inches. However, size also matters based on how close you want your TV to be. If you can see those tiny pixels on the screen, you are too close to it. 

The best method is, if you are going for an ordinary HD TV, sit at a distance that is three times the height of the TV screen and if you are going for an Ultra HD 4K TV, you must sit only 1.5 times the distance of the screen's height. The price for an LED TV between 50 to 55 inches is generally near 40,000, and for a 65-inch model, it is close to 60,000. For 40-43 Inch LED TVs, you can also check out the best TVs under 30000 in India on Review Station.


2) A Fast Refresh Rate:

LED TV Buying Guide- Top 5 Tips To Remember 

The refresh rate of a screen is the rate at which the screen gets refreshed within one second or how many times it gets refreshed within a second. For a standard TV out there, the rate is 60 Hertz or 60 times in a second which is quite fast. However, it's not fast enough when your pictures are racing because the frequency of 60 Hertz starts making it look blurry. Always go for a refresh rate that is between 120Hz and 240 Hz. However, always be aware of the term "effective refresh rate" because the actual refresh rate is half of what they have stated in the pamphlet.


3) 4K UHD or HDR:

LED TV Buying Guide- Top 5 Tips To Remember

You have the choice of going either for a 4K (Ultra-HD) or an HD TV. While your standard HD TV supports anywhere between 720p to 1080p (either 720 lines or 1080 lines on the display), a standard 4K supports a resolution of 2160 pixels or 3840x2160 pixels.

LED TV Buying Guide- Top 5 Tips To Remember 

If you are going to buy a 4K Ultra-HD LED, you may want to take a look into the HDR which is a much-improved version of the Ultra-High Definition display technology. This means that you get to experience more colors, better contrast and more brightness of the TV screen. The Dolby UHD is the highest requirement in the HDR category. However, since not many channels are HDR compatible, therefore, you can go for TVs that are Ultra-HD and compatible with HDR channels.

4) HDMI Ports:

Given that you will be streaming HD media from another device to your TV, you should go for a 4K TV with at least four HDMI ports. Also, don't forget to ask for the HDCP compatibility which is a copy protection scheme. 

5) Consider your budget:

This is the most crucial point of all! Don’t go overboard and buy a super expensive TV that’ll burn a hole in your pocket. Estimate your budget and then list down the best LED’s that you can buy within that range.

While these five points are enough to make a smart buying decision, you must always look for extra functions and add-ons!

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