Project on Ahemdabad-Mumbai Bullet train launched by Mr. Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe

Ahemdabed- Mumbai Bullet train

bullet train launch

Bullet trains in India? Yes, project that has been a dream of every Indian is finally going to be fulfilled by our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Mr. Narendra Modi along with japanese counterpart Shino Abe launched the project from aapnu Ahemdabad to Aamchi Mumbai with a thought that it will bring a drastic change in the comfort, speed, security and employment that every Indian deserves.

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“Time doesn’t wait for anyone”, thus it’s a high time to focus on the upbringing and development of our Nation. With a warm welcome to the idea of  “Bullet Train” in India, Mr. Modi has announced a good news that now the travelling time between two cities is going to be reduced from seven hours to less than three hours. This was a “gift given to India by Japan” as a tribute.

indian bullet train

Bullet train will travel with a speed of 350 km per hour, extending upto 508 km under three hours. Modi has launched this project at Rs 1.10 trillion, from which Japan serves a loan of 88,000 crores for this project at an interest of 0.1%.

Stopages are at minimal places of 12 station only within the route for 165 seconds. Inauguration of Ahemdabad- Mumbai high speed rail network is to be at 75th year of Independence 2022.  21km tunnels are to be dug between Boisar and BKC in Mumbai among which seven km is going to be underwater.


Major concern is conservation of land, which is well kept in mind while launching this project.  92 percent of the route will be elevated, 6 percent would pass through the tunnels and the left 2 percent would be on ground. This project will change the history as railways would run about around 35 bullet trains when it will start its operation with 70 trips per day. There will be an increase in the number of trains to 105 in 2050.

indian train

This project was proposed with 10 coaches only with a total seating capacity of 750 passengers which further was extended to 16 coaches with a seating capacity of 1250 passengers. Bullet trains are split into two divisions- executive and economy, comparable to the price of AC-2 tier fare of Rajdhani Express.

Currently, 1.6 crore people travel by train approximately, but with the coming of bullet trains only 1.6 lakh travelers would be able to travel on the daily basis. Time taken for cleaning would be 4 hours after the route of 20 hours.

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