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Existence of drones have been there on this earth for years, which are sometimes used as an armor to protect the nation from unwanted dangers so sometimes for the survey by researchers and for various other occasions. They have entered in the technologies changing the genre of the era.

selfi drones

What is Drones?

Drones and its applications

Drones can be defined in many terms but the main stands on easing the man power and vehicles. It can also be used beyond the line of sight where aircraft or ships cannot reach. It is easy to control for the children’s too. With the evolution in technology there is a racing in today’s aeronautics, electronics and robotics.

Function of drone


For better understanding, one should know the construction of typical drone. Drone is constructed for increasing the maneuverability while flying and reduce weight. Additional equipment, including cameras, GPS guided missiles, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), navigation systems, sensors, and so on are the equipments used along with it for better advantage.

how to fly DRONES

Drones are established with different shapes, sizes and with other different functions. Majorly these models are launched by hands and can be controlled by remotes from special ground cockpits. Commercial models are presented in small sizes which have simplified construction.

drone in army

There are different variations in the frame and construction of drones, but the essential components that every drone must have is a waterproof motor frame, flight and motor controllers, motors, transmitter and receiver, propellers, and batteries or any other source of energy.

different types of drones

They have been constructed in such a way that they can pack a lot of accessories into their metal or the plastic frames. Remarkable technology being discovered for great flights where they can hover anywhere and perform different acrobatics in the air. Spacing area should be enough for the flight to take place, if spacing area is less thn you are bounded to let it fly freely.


Drone can easily be set free to fly but it may have drawbacks such as you may lose it from your sight, or may hurt someone, drone may crash, or may destruct someone’s property.

Commercially drones have the short control distance and can fly for just a few minutes. On the other hand advanced drones have the capacity to track the situations for the military or mapping which can hover for hours and can be controlled easily from a quiet a range of distance.

drone technology


They have an existence a wide range of areas. Every other task which is impossible is possible with the help of drones. People are swapping their arms towards drones. Micro drones are used in wide range due to their small sizes. Main areas of applications of drones are:

drone application

• Science & research

Researchers and scientists are using it as a tool to observe the change in weather from the sky with the help of drones. Drones are used in archaeological field, in nuclear accidents, survey in glaciers, volcanic eruption, change in the weather etc.

drones security

• Search and rescue

Drones are used for firefighting using special equipments and also in manoeuvre with searching and rescuing operations.

Drone security

• Security

Drones are being used up to protect the people in danger. This is being followed up by many of the authorities these days. Also drones contributes a variety of security operations.

• Aerial photography & video

Drones can also be equipped with HD cameras in the sky and get the astonishing footages and photos.

Model of dronnes

• Inspections

One can keep an eye on the power lines, wind turbines and pipelines with the help of drones.

• Unmanned cargo system

Drones are built in such a way that they can deliver the light weighted packages and bundles of all sorts. By using this technology you can have a safe, eco-friendely and fast transport by air.

Drones specification and knowledge

• Surveillance

Drones have the capacity to capture the scene from the sky which make them suitable monitors in protests, public events or any other suspicious happening. It is the best tool that a police can use.

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