Difference in the price of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in India and US

Price Difference of iPhone 8 || iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X is marked as 40 percent higher in India than US

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and  iPhone X

The survey says that price of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X amounts to be 40 percent more than the price being unveiled in US.

Lets first talk about the iPhone X: it topped itself with the highest rates in the crowd amongs the smartphones. iPhone X with 64GB costs at $999, but unfortunately the handset is provided at the high price of Rs. 89,000 which places to $1,388, if calculated than 39 percent more than being provided in US. If we compare 256GB storage then the iPhone X sets you with Rs. 1,02,000 in India while US price is set at $1,149, which again is 39 percent more than the US.

Coming to iPhone 8, 64GB variant of smartphone amounts to $699 in US, whereas in India it is available at a price of Rs. 64,000($998 in US). 43 percent higher than the price in US. iPhone 8 with 256 GB storage prices 41 percent more than the price made available in US.

At the end iPhone 8 Plus, is set at $799 in US for 64GB variant of smartphones , on the other hand in India this handset is being presented at the price of Rs. 73,000($1,139 in US) marking 43 percent more than the US. 256GB storage iPhone 8 Plus stands at $949 in US while it is set at Rs. 86,000 in India($1,341 in US), gaining a profit of 41 percent.

While the iPhone 8 models pre-orders in India will begin on September 22, and will be launched in India on September 29, the pre-orders for iPhone X will start on October 27, and shipping will begin on November 3.

You can very much conclude the huge difference in the price and see that India is the capitalist country which is on the top in comparison to US. Now, lets see whether the cost leads you towards buying of these new iPhones or a way back to drop an idea of investing your capital on it.

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