H2 — The Futuristic Smartphone That Can See “Inside” All Objects

A Chinese company named Changhong has created a phone, H2, that’s able to see inside the objects and detect their chemical composition. Simply point the phone to the object and it’ll show information like sugar content of a fruit, fat in your body, or cocoa solid concentration in chocolate. The phone uses a mini version of a handheld molecular scanning gadget named SCiO.

Modern day smartphones do a lot more than just calling and texting. Moreover, they’ve even replaced the bulky computers in many spheres of our lives. The researchers and engineers all around the globe are continuously working hard and adding news features to these small gizmos. In a similar development, a Chinese company named Changhong has made a phone that sees inside the objects.

Named H2, this smartphone is able to scan the chemical composition of the objects around it. H2 does this with the help of a dedicated molecular sensor, which discovers the chemical content without making a physical contact.

So, it’s all about the tiny sensor, but, how does it work? It’s a new miniaturized version of a handheld molecular scanning gadget, SCiO, that was developed in 2014. It uses the Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) technique to scan objects and liquids. For those who don’t know, NIRS is a technique that’s used in pharmaceutical industry for quality control.

h2 scio smartphone

H2 has a dedicated sensor that ditches the need for an external SCiO device. You can simply point the phone to a drink, and it’ll tell you the sugar content inside it. Point it to a medicine, and get its chemical composition. It can also track the amount of your body fat.

On its website, SCiO claims to perform instant and relevant analysis of materials and calls the quality control of food its biggest application.

It’s also worth noting that the demo doesn’t claim to give 100% accurate results. This tells us that a lot more testing is needed to bring a solid device. For the time being, the first H2 units are soon going for sale in China.

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