CES 2017 Wrap-up: A look at the best, futuristic gadgets from the show

The past week was a busy one for the tech world. The 5oth Consumer Electronics Show (or CES), held in Las Vegas, brought more attendees and glitz and glamour than ever. CES 2017 is officially over and it’s time to take a look at some of the exciting products and emerging technologies from the world’s biggest tech show.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of the best gadgets, emerging technologies and all the breaking news at CES 2017:

# Royole FlexPhone

Royole FlexPhone can be rolled up onto your wrist as a phone or fitness monitor.

Royole FlexPhone is a regular smartphone, but with a difference. It can be completely rolled out enough to fit around one’s wrist. Although still a prototype, the FlexPhone runs on Google’s Android platform and features a full flexible colour display alongside flexible sensor technologies. A smartphone of the future? Maybe. Maybe not.

# LG Stylus 3

LG Stylus 3 offers a stylus and boasts a 5.7-inch screen.

Stylus 3 is a mid-end smartphone spiced up with a stylus. The phone may not be an attention grabber, but it seems to be good choice for those looking for a budget Android device, with a large screen and built-in a stylus. LG has tried to incorporate a number of note taking features on the Stylus 3  while selling the smartphone at half the cost of the Galaxy Note 7 (now discontinued). Good move, LG!

# Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 SoC will be seen on smartphones, tablets and mobile PCs.

Qualcomm’s latest mobile processor, the Snapdragon 835, not just power the smartphones but also comes built-in to better to support mobile augmented reality and virtual reality headsets. Compared to the Snapdragon 820, the Snapdragon 835 is 35 per cent smaller in size and overall consumes less power, leading to increase in battery life. This is a processor made for next-generation connectivity, photography and security.

# Xiaomi made its CES debut

Xiaomi’s vice president Hugo Barra unveiling the white variant of the Mi Mix at CES 2017.

Xiaomi’s first CES debut saw a lot of products being unveiled for a new company. The media briefing started with the announcement of the white variant of the Mi Mix, a phone having a 6.4-inch bezel-less display. However, the show belonged to the Mi TV 4, which the company claims to be 30 per cent thinner than the iPhone 7 and is modular in nature. In addition, Xiaomi showcased new smart home products, drones and robots, smartphones and accessories.

# 36o-degree cameras

A Shenzhen-based company showing off an integrated 360-degree camera on a smartphone.

With Facebook and YouTube now supporting 36o-degree videos, we saw a flurry of Chinese companies showing off an integrated 360-degree cameras at CES 2017. As seen in the picture  above, a 360-degree camera can be easily mounted on a smartphone and with the content being shared on social media platforms. These cameras work as a smartphone attachment, which means all you need is a phone and the camera and you will be able to capture 360-degree content on your mobile device.

# VR Porn 

Visitors lining up to see porn in virtual reality.

CES isn’t about product launches and big announcements. This year, the demo room for Naughty America VR was jam packed with people queuing up to see porn in virtual reality. With virtual reality gaining momentum, the interactive adult content in 3D is likely to increase as in case of Naughty America, which is one of the several studios making content for the VR headset. Is it the future ? Well, only time will tell.

# Smart Dog Collar

Jagger & Lewis’ smart dog collar uses sensors to track your dog’s behavior.

Jagger & Lewis’ Smart Dog Collar is a rectangular device that clips to any existing collar. Controlled through an app, the smart collar is designed to help you understand your dog’s behaviour and tracks changes in the behaviour. The device is waterproof and comes in white, grey and red colours.

Smart Alarm clock 

Remi is a smart alarm clock that coaches kids to sleep better.

REMI, a smart alarm clock, that trains kids how to sleep well. The connected device is fully customizable and serves as a night tracker, a sleep trainer and a story teller. The smart clock tracks and records noises and temperature inside the room. It basically promises parents to improve their child’s sleep.

Connected Weather Station 

Healthy home coach lets you see stats about your home at a glance.

Netatomo, the company behind the healthy home coach, is a sophisticated indoor weather station. Having a dedicated mobile app, it tracks indoor air quality, humidity, temperature and noise in your room. It’s pretty cool to see an intelligent smart indoor climate monitor that advises on accurate temperature and provide insights to reduce sound pollution.

Alexa-powered devices

Lenovo’s Smart Assistant speaker is powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon’s Alexa dominated voice command tech at this year’s CES. Lenovo announced its Smart Assistant speaker, which is similar to Amazon Echo. LG also showed off robots and a fridge that uses Alexa. In addition, Huawei tied up with Amazon to make the Mate 9 the first smartphone with Alexa pre-installed. Even though Amazon was not officially present at CES, Alexa’s voice-activated artificial intelligence tool was everywhere to be seen at the world’s biggest tech trade show.


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