How Hackers Hack – Passwords, WiFi and Computer from Android Phone

Do Turn your phone into a hacking machine and do whatever you want. If you want a simple hacking app that do all hacking stuff for you with a one tap. Well, you wait is over.

In this post  we will tell you how hackers hack a computer, android mobile phone, wifi, the internet and lots more from an android phone. We use most advanced hacking android app for do this job.

ZAnti-Penetration Testing Toolkit — Turn your android phone into a Hacking Machin

ZAnti is a penetration testing toolkit for android mobile phone. This app turns your android phone into a hacking machine. This is like a Metasploit of an android mobile phone and performs all type of attacks in your android phone.

Some of the many features of zAnti 2 are:

-Network Mapping

-Password cracking with various protocol support

-Search for known vulnerabilities

-Check for SSL Poodle and ShellShock vulnerabilities

-Perform various man in the middle attacks

1. Download ZAnti from its Official Website.

2. Type your email and they send download link in your email inbox.

Download Zanti from its Official Website

3. Open upcoming mail from Zanti and click on download button.

Open Email and Download Zanti in your android mobile

Turn your phone into a Hacking Machine from this Hacking Android App

1 Install and Launch this app in your android phone.

2. First Scan your all devices from tapping refresh button on the upper side.

Zanti scans devices in your wifi network

3. Now Zanti scans all devices and you know how many devices are connected with your wifi network with its name.

4. Now select any of the devices you want to hack.

5. You see screenshots below like this screen. Select Man in the Middle option.

Hack Android Device in your Phone

6. In the next screen, you see lots of hacking attacks. Tap on ON button on the upper right side.
Select any of the hacking attacks like Image to replace, password hack, interceptor, script injector, redirect HTTP, capture download, password cracking and lots more.

ZAnti Turn Phone into a Hacking Machine

For Some Security reasons, I can’t describe you all things. Find out the whole tutorial from the internet. This is a simple app, why don’t you find yourself how this app works.

Everything you are going to see is for educational purposes only, so operate carefully and in your own property. I bring no responsibility in what happens to you if you act irresponsibly.

Man in the Middle Attack 

Replace All Network or Other Mobile Browsing Images from Zanti 2 App

ZAnti 2 Full Overview

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