Is iPhone SE your next phone?7 reasons why you should not buy It

iPhone SE may be the latest smartphone in Apple’s portfolio, but it may not be the best handset to buy for most people. We take a look at 7 reasons not to buy iPhone SE in India, especially at a price tag of Rs 39,000...

#1. The price

The biggest problem with iPhone SE is the price tag it comes with. While many expected the small-screen iPhone to be priced around Rs 33,000, it came as a shocker when Apple priced it at Rs 39,000. This price tag not only puts iPhone SE out of the reach of a large number of buyers in India but also makes it a direct competitor to iPhone 6S as well as powerful Android smartphones like Google Nexus 6P and Sony Xperia Z5.

#2. A very small screen

Another major problem for iPhone SE is its 4-inch screen, which is likely to be too small for most Indian buyers, as phablets are dominant in India. Considering that other models in the price bracket feature much larger display sizes, iPhone SE may find struggle to find some love in India.

#3. No 3D Touch

iPhone SE, despite being the newest smartphone in Apple’s lineup, does not have the headlining feature of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: 3D Touch. The lack of 3D Touch means that iPhone SE users will not be able to use the new app navigation tool Apple has integrated into its top smartphone. This becomes an even bigger miss when you see than iPhone 6S with 3D Touch can be purchased to a little over Rs 40,000 on e-commerce sites.

#4. 16GB storage

16GB storage for Rs 39,000 seems like a joke, but that’s what Apple is offering with iPhone SE. Users will get approximately 11-12GB to store their data, which usually leads to ‘Out of Storage’ messages popping up on the screen after a few months of use. Moreover, Live Photos and 4K videos take up too much space, so buyers will have to be very conservative while taking photos too.

#5. Low battery life

iPhone SE is expected to deliver the same battery life as iPhone 5S, which needs to be charged twice a day to keep running. This may be a deal-breaker for a lot of buyers, especially power-users who need their phones to not run out of juice at critical moments.

#6. Old design

iPhone SE sports the same design language as iPhone 5 and 5S, but features matte finish on the chamfered edges and comes in a rose gold colour option. So unless you buy the rose gold colour option, it will be indistinguishable from the three-year-old iPhone 5S.

#7. No standout feature

For the first time, Apple has held an event for an iPhone that does not have any feature that separates it from the rest. Instead, iPhone SE features design and hardware found in earlier iPhone models, like the processor and camera of iPhone 6S and design of iPhone 5S.

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