Here is what Facebook engineers and programmers earn


 How much do you think an employee of world’s largest social networking site, Facebook earns?


Facebook is counted among one of the most widely used social media networking sites. Launched in 2004, the site was initially opened up only to the students of Harvard and later in 2006 it actually opened up its registration to any individual who has attained an age of 13 years. Within a span of just a decade, this website has grown out so much that it is not just a social networking platform anymore, and has also paved its way into virtual reality, mobile commerce to name a few.

In short, it means that the ever growing organization is constantly looking out for the right professional man power such as a huge number of engineers, web designers, managers and various other people who will ensure that the back end processes run smoothly.

Well, it goes without saying that MarK Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, definitely knows how to retain his skilled staff and thus is willing to pay some of the top salaries for its employees.

Using the data provided from Glassdoor, here is a compilation of the highest salaries which an individual can earn while working at the Facebook. The salaries have been presented in the descending order.

(Note: The salary mentioned here is just their base pay excluding the bonuses. Also only those salaries were considered which had about 10 reviews.)

Engineering Manager: Salary drawn:  $166,561

One of the top most paid post jobs in Facebook is that of an Engineering manager. The job profile differs from that of a typical engineer in the sense that the engineering managers are expected to tackle and find solutions to the problems. Basically they are responsible for building and managing a competent team of engineers who would aim at designing some specific product such as data analytics for the Facebook.
Software Engineering Managers at Facebook are expected to have progressive technical experience and demonstrated progression in management responsibility.

Senior Software Engineer: Salary drawn: $160,638 

They are considered the most experienced among the lot and definitely have proven themselves in the company. Well, it shows their worth on the basis of their cost to the company.]

Software Engineer V:  Salary drawn: $156,546

Individuals who have had at least eight to ten years of experience in this field are the appropriate candidates for this position.

Product Manager: Salary drawn: $147,469

A very demanding job at Facebook, a lot happens at this stage. The job profile of a product manager includes everything right from designing till packing and even ensuring the final product has been shipped on time.
It is the product manager who delegates the tasks to multiple teams and then aggregates and builds the required product received from different teams into its final stage. Facebook is known for delivering its products at a fast pace and we now know who is responsible for such awesome work and hence they are bound to be paid such a high salary, isn’t it?

Technical Program Manager: Salary drawn: $146,282

A technical program manager is expected to lead the core teams which is responsible for designing the various products at Facebook. Basically it involves leading and managing the teams.

Database engineer: Salary drawn: $141,635

The job profile of a database engineer is to design databases and also keeping a track of these complex database. Facebook is growing at a much faster rate and hence to manage and track the complex databases could be quite an intimidating task.

Data scientist: Salary drawn: $137,184

The job profile of a data scientist involves conducting research and also active involvement in making strategic decisions. Facebook is growing at a much faster pace and it is such a huge platform that it is constantly in need of talented data scientists.

Even now, there seems to be openings for the post of data scientists in the various departments of Facebook including economic research, product science and infrastructures. Anybody interested can just check this link :

Research Scientist: Salary drawn: $137,134

Currently there are opening for the post of research scientist, A.I. at Facebook.

Basically, a research scientist’s job would involve careful analysis as well as data crunching related to most of the products of the Facebook. A research scientist is expected to use scientific methods and check which all things can be applied for the development and betterment of the Facebook product. Also they need to find out what all things are not feasible under the Facebook’s platform and also research on the same.

Software Engineer IV: Salary drawn: $136,833

They are counted among the most valued employees of Facebook. As they climb the ladder they have a pretty bright future with lots of cash.

Well it goes without saying that the “Tech” companies treat their software engineers well and also respect their talent, so definitely Facebook too is among those firms which willingly pays huge pay package to keep them happy.

Front End Engineer: Salary drawn: $136,131

The job profile of a “Front-end” engineer involves working on products such as Newsfeed which means a products that directly deals with the customers. So these individuals need to be very creative and think out of the box so as to understand the needs of the customer and create a produc which would appeal the customers; in all they need to work on customer-facing features.

There is a vacancy for this job too in Facebook, so interested candidates can apply for this position.

Production Engineer: Salary drawn: $134,775 

The job profile of a Production engineer involves a multi-level tasks. These are the people who ensure all the services provided by different products of the Facebook runs smoothly and also have a capacity for future growth.

 You can find Production Engineers in every individual Facebook’s product team and they form the core of every engineering effort that takes place in Facebook.

Product Designer: Salary drawn: $133,810

The job profile requires individuals who need to have sound knowledge of product designing and who can spontaneously convert broad and conceptual ideas into creative and valuable products.

A Product designer is expected to have enough experience in front-end programming as well needs to have an experience of building applications or software.

Network Engineer: Salary drawn: $132,129

A networking engineer gets an unique opportunity to learn various aspects of networking at Facebook as they are directly involved and held responsible for ensuring the various platforms of Facebook are up and running perfectly.

As of now Facebook has an awesome openings of around 26 positions for this category.

Product Marketing Manager: Salary drawn: $126,142

Job profile of Product Marketing manager demands to have dynamic individuals who have an enormous experience in driving the market requirements for new products as well as have skills to develop and manage the new product launches. They need to have strong analytical skills and also possess strategic thinking as well as decision making power.

 The apt candidate for this position should be having prior experience of online media planning and also should be able to blend with different teams and be able to promote the Facebook brand and at the same time have excellent communication skills to convey it to the press and potential partners. Thus, mainly excellent marketing skills and presentations are the key for succeeding in this field. This shows that the position holds a great importance to the firm.

Software Engineer: Salary drawn: $125,515

For the ever growing Facebook, there is always a requirement of software engineers who can keep up with this fast pace. For Facebook, a code written starts running live within a matter of few days which is surprising because normally a code takes months to go live once it has been written.

 This is the exceptionally fast paced environment of Facebook which comes as a pleasant surprise to the software engineers. To enjoy such a fast pace and active life one needs to actually get into the organization.

User Interface Engineer: Salary drawn: $120,987

Basically, an User interface engineer is responsible for the overall look of Facebook and also to help users easily understand and communicate with the Facebook. Easy user interface forms the major crux of Facebook hence this position too is very important for the company.

The interview process for this position is quite intensive and a candidate even mentioned how tough it is to actually get through the interview and it seems the candidate underwent a thorough eight hour interview to get their offer letter.

Partner Engineer: Salary drawn: $116,862

The main requirement for a candidate to apply for this post would be to have at least 4 years of prior experience as a software engineer or technical consultant or even partner / sales engineer.
Partner engineer is responsible for designing and constructing the apps using Facebook for the strategic partners of the company.

Applications Operations Engineer: Salary drawn: $114,197

An applications operations engineer is expected to build business focused software and needs to have a hacker mentality and thus critically check for any sort of vulnerability, if any, in the designed software. Basically, the Facebook prefers to have smart, talented engineers who can keep up with the fast pace of Facebook and at the same time are efficient and quick enough to match the vigor of the company.

Software Engineer III: Salary drawn:  $113,830

To get qualified for this post the person needs to have a bachelor’s degree in the related field and also 4-6 years experience. The job profile includes designing, developing, writing and implementation of the software programming applications. Need to participate in testing processes through test review and analysis, test witnessing and certification of software.

The person also needs to be familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices and procedures. Also should have experience and judgement to plan and accomplish the necessary goals. So in all generally should be able to perform a variety of complicated tasks as well as should have the potential to lead and direct their colleagues. They may have to report to a project lead or manager. Facebook may have some of their additional specific requisition for this post.

Readers, now that you are aware of the awesome packages offered for the various posts at Facebook, the eligible candidates can think of joining Facebook by logging into their career page and definitely make a lot of money.

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