Download and Backup all your Facebook Data using following steps

Download and Backup Facebook Data

Do you know that you can download all your Facebook data? But you might be thinking that why there is a need to do so? Actually, by downloading Facebook data, you can recover data loss during a cyber attack.

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By downloading Facebook data, you will know which content you have saved on Facebook. You can restore your posts, photos, and videos easily when needed. Simply, these data can be useful to you when you need it. The biggest thing is that after knowing this process, you will not be afraid of getting deleted from Facebook. Follow the following 10 easy steps to download or backup your Facebook data safely:

Step 1:

Go to your Facebook setting.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

Step 2:

Here you will see "Download a copy of your Facebook data" option, click on it.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

Step 3:

After clicking on the above option a screen will pop up, where you will find "Start My Archive" button. Click on it.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

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Step 4:

Now "Request My Download" screen will Pop Up. Here you will found "Start My Archive", click on it.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

Step 5:

After this, a notification screen will pop up with a message that your entire Facebook data will be mail to your Email address as soon as it will be ready for download. Now click "Ok" button.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

Step 6:

Now check the Inbox of your registered Email Id. Here you will found a mail from Facebook. If you don't find the mail in your Inbox, then you can look for the mail in the Social tab.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

Step 7:

Here in the, you will found two options, one option help you to check whether your content is ready for downloading or not. Wherelse the second option asks you to confirm whether you have sent a request to download your Facebook data or not.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

If you have not generated any such request and believe that someone has sent this request from your Facebook account, then you can immediately lock your account.

Step 8:

By clicking on the first link, you can found all the information related to downloading your Facebook data.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

Step 9:

On successful processing of your request, as soon as your Facebook data is ready for downloading, you will get a notification on Facebook account. Click on it.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

Step 10:

Now on a popup screen, you will see a "Download Archive" option, Click on it.

Download and Backup Facebook Data

After this, a Zip File will be downloaded to your device. By extracting this zip file you will be able to see all your information.

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