#WhatsAppDown : WhatsApp Service goes Down for Hours across Globe, Now Restored


The freeware and cross-platform instant messaging service WhatsApp was reported down for hours, in some countries including India. During crash people  were unable send and receive messages using WhatsApp services. WhatsApp is yet to confirm the outage. However the services are now reported to have been restored.

WhatsApp ; WhatsApp Down 

The Problem was mainly focused in western Europe and Asia but was face across the globe. The WhatsApp web service was also reported to be broken. After the WhatsApp service crash, people were forced to revert to their normal messaging services and Facebook as they struggle to communicate using the WhatsApp services.

The #WhatsAppDown have become the number one trend globally. Immediately after checking with their friends to see if WhatsApp was down or if their internet was acting up, people went straight to Twitter to confirm whether it was true or not. Here is how people reacted on social media:

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