Best Antivirus and Antimalware Apps For Android Smartphone and Tablets


According to a recent report, Android Devices are most exposed devices to the malware attack. There are lots of bogus apps present online with malware hidden inside them. Often, we unknowingly  download and install these bogus apps on our smartphone and become an easy victim to malware attack. Most of the time these bogus apps are used by hackers to steal our personal data and information. So, it becomes very important to secure our devices against these malware attack. 

Here is a list of top 5 antivirus apps that will shield your smartphone from hackers and malware attacks. Let's have a look:

#1. AVL Antivirus & Security

AVL Antivirus & Security 

AVL is one of the best antivirus mobile App. It not only have the latest and updated antivirus database but also has a scanner that is capable of detecting any kind of virus or any executable app that can harm your device.

#2 Avast Antivirus:

Avast Antivirus ; Avast Mobile Security 

Avast is considered as the anti-virus giant. Avast antivirus is a multi-featured app. Avast anti-virus protect your device by scanning your emails, web browsers, incoming messages and apps. It has certain features like firewall, call blocker, anti-theft measure, password manager etc. Avast antivirus also have a junk cleaning option that removes the junk files from your device.  The anti-theft measure can help you to lock and wipe your device in case it goes missing.

#3 McAfee Mobile Security:

McAfee Mobile Security 

McAfee is an another popular and highly used antivirus. This app has a special theft measure that not only helps you to track and find your device but can also click the picture of the thief. This app can help you to block the potentially malicious websites and also allows you to blacklist unwanted callers and texters. It also keeps track of whether an app is leaking any sensitive information or not.

#4 Kaspersky Mobile Security:

Kaspersky Mobile Security 

Kaspersky secures your device from the attack of viruses, spyware and Trojans. With the help of this device, you can secure your personal and private data like messages, emails, calls, contacts etc. This app is capable of blocking malicious websites and links before you click them. It is very good at detecting the malware and has a detection rate of 99.9%.

#5. Sophos Mobile Security:

Sophos Mobile Security; Sophos Antivirus 

Sophos is a strong antivirus tool that along with antivirus and anti-malware protection gives you other browsing tools like anti-phishing, content control etc. Sophos Antivirus is very good at scanning and detecting the viruses along withing blocking the malicious websites. It includes a handy QR code scanner that helps you to set-up secure WiFi connections.

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