A new Apple's pencil for iPhone: Soon to be in market by 2019

Apple's pencil for iPhone might be in market soon by next year

Apple pencil for iPhone: by 2019, update

Apple keeps up the pace to be in fame. recently launched iPhone X has grabbed everyone's interest with its beautiful feature of wireless charging. And again they will soon be coming with another amazing handset in 2019. 
Apple pencil for iPhone: by 2019, update

It is unveiled by the sources that iPhone plans to add support for the Apple Pencil to the iPhone. Though exactly when it will take place is not yet clear. According to the sources commencing date for another handset iPhone XII is yet to be fixed in 2019.

Recent sources comes with the courtesy of The Investor in South Korea, who discovers that its sources figures an iPhone with a "digital pen"  which will be an adding innovation in history. It will appear in a couple of years time. 
This will use an mammoth technology with slight difference to the current pencil. In this way one couldn't use their iPad stylus on their iPhone.
Apple pencil for iPhone: by 2019, update
Steve Jobs was totally against the use of stylus with the touchscreen devices, but as time plus technology need to advance, so did the iPhone's technology. Within a decade iPhone has took over the technology. Samsung of course has a premium handset with a stylus in its current range.

Patently obvious

Apple pencil has brought up with beautiful idea with new handwriting and drawing features added in its latest iOS 11 update. Similarly a upgrade code is required to add stylus support on iPhone and this should not cause no issues. 
Apple pencil for iPhone: by 2019, update

Thus, based on the new report, we actually won't be able to see stylus support in the 2018 range of iPhones - therefore, you won't be able to pick up a Pencil-equipped handset in your shopping for at least 12 months yet.
Now, we can only wait and watch when this idea with the handset will be out in market. 

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