WhatsApp gets picture-in-picture mode, text-only status in stable builds

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In last attempt to boost users on its platform, WhatsApp has rolled out picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for video calls and text-only colored status update features in stable build, available for Android and iOS users. Earlier this year WhatsApp have already started testing the picture-in-picture feature on Android.

With this feature user get the freedom to move around the video call window during an ongoing call to perform other tasks like chat or messaging with a friend etc. WhatsApp have rolled out the feature exclusively to Android 8.0 Oreo. Right now users with Pixel or Nexus device will be able to use picture-in-picture mode on WhatsApp.

Similar to Facebook, WhatsApp have also launched the feature with the ability to add text-only statuses on solid colored background. WhatsApp has added a floating pencil icon above camera icon in the ‘Status’ window, which can be clicked to post text-only status.

WhatsApp users can click on the color palette icon to change the background color. According to WhatsApp, the text-based status feature will let users update to their contacts in a more fun, personal way. For WhatsApp, its Status feature has been quite popular as the company claims that over 250 million people globally use the feature daily.

WhatsApp has a host of privacy options to choose from, making it easier for users to decide the audience they want their Status to appear to. This includes “my contacts,” “contacts except…” and “only share with…”. The eye icon at the bottom of Status can be clicked to view how many of contacts have seen the update.


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