Here's How To Link Your Mobile Number (SIM) With Aadhaar,if you have still not linked SIM to UIDAI card

How To Link Your Mobile Number (SIM) With Aadhaar

Important news came up for connecting your Aadhaar number to your bank account and you PAN card. The government has made it clear that it is mandatory for every civilian to follow the protocol. This protocol will help in the advancement and upbringing of countries economy. The 12-digit biometric ID will help in financial matters like bank accounts and filing taxes. 

Even the civilians using mobile now has to link their SIM cards with Aadhaar card, as per the news agency press trust of India(PTI). SIM’s if not linked with the Aadhaar card till February 2018 will be deactivated. Government in march has directed every telecom companies to start the procedure of linking Aadhaar card with the phone numbers.

According to the sources, the orders passed by the Supreme court in February this year in Lokniti foundation case and all the SIM cards are to be verified within this year from the day of judgement. Whether you have two SIM cards or more than that, you have to get it verified and connected to your Aadhaar card. Many of the telecom companies have already started the procedure of alerting the civilians with this news.

Procedure to connect your phone numbers to Aadhaar card:

 How To Link Your Mobile Number (SIM) With Aadhaar 

If you opted for eKYC- Aadhaar based activation- by providing the biometric while applying for the mobile connection you need not to pass through the process again.


But if you haven’t opted for eKYC then to activate your mobile connection, visit the nearby store of your telecom operator as the guidelines directs you to, which is issued by major companies Airtel and Idea. eKYC is basically an online process to “Know your Customer” form.

Users need not to carry their personal documents other than their Aadhaar number and their phone number. Complete biometric verification process will be required. It is the process where the person can be solely identified on the basis of fingerprints and details that are to be fetched as per the information provided in Aadhaar database.

After that you will be receiving with the verification code(OTP) on your personal number after you have started with the verification process. To execute the linking process, kindly step on to the verification code to the store executive.

Albeit the mission is not yet accomplished. This procedure is on the last step to your destination where you’ll be receiving a confirmation SMS. Reply Y to complete the eKYC process. No charges are applied for linking Aadhaar with you number.

Step By Step Process To Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number (Sim Card)

  • Visit nearest retailer (Specific to operator wise)
  • Ask him for fingerprint verification for existing customers
  • Tell your mobile number which you want to verify
  • Give him your aadhar number when asked
  • Authenticate the process by verifying the fingerprint through fingerprint scanner
  • That’s all, you have successfully verified your SIM card
  • You may receive a confirmation message from your service provider.

*At time of verification make sure that you keep your original aadhar card with you.


 The Documents Needed For Aadhaar Verification

  • Your own aadhaar card
  • Owner of aadhar card present for fingerprint verification
  • Sim Card which need to be linked with aadhar card to receive otp on that number.
  • And… Shop you have visited must have a biometric fingerprint scanner.

You don’t have to link, If…..

  •  You have purchased sim card with Aadhar card with biometrc verification
  • Or, you have already linked aadhaar card with mobile number.


We hope this will make things less complicated for you.

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