Firefox Quantum Beta : Firefox Quantum with Next-Generation Browser Engine and '2X Faster'

Firefox Quantum Beta Just Launched: Firefox Quantum with Next-Generation Browser Engine and '2X Faster' 

Mozilla have released the beta version of its browser Firefox 57 with a new browser engine. The company have declare it as the biggest update of the year. According to Mozilla the Firefox 'Quantum' is 2X times faster than the last year launched Firefox Browser and will load some of the top websites notably faster, The Beta version of Firefox ' Quantum' is already available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

With the new launch the Firefox have tried to shift toward the 'next generation browser'. The Firefox have boost 2X speed in the Firefox 'Quantum' by dropping the legacy add-ons, improving the memory management. 

In this article, we will take a look at what all have changed, and help you decide if the update is worth your time or not.


How To Install Firefox Quantum Beta

Currently the Beta version of new Firefox 'Quantum' is available. If you are already using the Firefox browser then you will automatically receive the update notification on November 14, when the final public version will hit the market. 

However, if you can't wait for so  long then you can check out the browser right now by downloading the Beta version.

Firefox Quantum Beta ;Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum)

Firefox Quantum Beta: What’s New

 Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum)

For the Firefox Browser, the Quantum update is the major upgrade. In order to boost the 'Quantum', Firefox have reinvented the browser completely.

The major Parts of the browser have been written using the 'Rust', developed by Mozilla by itself for improving the Firefox browser.Mozilla also developed and introduce its own CSS engine (Stylo) along with new rendering engine (Web render), the compositor, and the Quantum Dom, in order to make new version most speedier and efficient.

In the new version 'Quantum', Firefox have introduce the concept of multiple CPU Core. Earlier version of the Firefox used run historically on single Core CPU but the new version will  take the advantage of the multi Core CPUs.


Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum) is considerably faster

 Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum)

Firefox Quantum seems to be faster than the older versions of the Firefox. The company said that the benchmark tool Speedometer suggest that new Firefox version 'Quantum' is 2X faster than the previous versions of the Firefox.

Mozilla has also posted a video where they have compared the Firefox Quantum with Chrome and Firefox seems to hold its own ground, even outpacing the Chrome on some websites. Although in some of the websites Chrome was still ahead of the Firefox but it's good to see that Firefox is catching up with Chrome after so many years.

Firefox Quantum Beta ;Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum)

Firefox Quantum Supports The New Photon Design Language

Along with processing enhancement Mozilla have also introduce and launched the "Project Photons" and a visual overhaul to its browser.

The  "Project Photons" has everything to do with the user experience and user interface of the browser.The “Project Photon” have bring back the square-shaped tab design,the most welcomed and the visible change.

Firefox Quantum Beta ;Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum); Project Photon 

Project Photon is bringing a lot of changes to Firefox’s UI and UX. Probably. "With the new design, Firefox leaps ahead with a new interface that reflect today's reality of High DPI displays and users who are more task focused than they've ever been," the company said in its blog post

The animations are also a little smoother, which makes tasks like opening or closing tabs feel quicker.

"The new, minimalist design introduces square tabs, smooth animations, and a Library, which provides quick access to your saved stuff: bookmarks, Pocket, history, downloads, tabs, and screenshots. Firefox Quantum feels right at home with today's mouse and touch-driven operating systems: Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, Android Oreo, and iOS 11," it added.

Apart from this, there are a lot more device specific changes that are coming too. For example, Firefox will be intelligent enough to know if you are using a mouse click or a touch input and dynamically change the size of the menu buttons to facilitate a better experience. 

The new Firefox browser also comes with Pocket app built-in. This means that users can save articles easily from within the browser to read them later. Notably, Firefox 57 beta for Android does not feature the Quantum CSS code, and it may be implemented only in Firefox 58.

Firefox Quantum Beta ;Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum); Project Photon

The New  Version also have a built-in screenshot tool, which allows you to take screenshots inside Firefox without ever leaving the browser or using a third-party tool. The best part is that all these tools are built right in the address bar, letting you easily access them. The toolbar present on the top-right corner has also become highly customization. Now, you can easily drag and drop icons to change their order.

Firefox  Quantum is going to be proved a good alternative for Chrome and may also overtake Chrome in coming years, although it may be difficult for Quantum to attract entire Chrome user but existing Firefox users are going to love it and you must give it a try. What Do You think, did you find the New launch of Firefox Quantum interesting or have something to say then comment below.

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