Better Late Than Never: Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 

I am a man. I am a soldier and I own a f** off great robot. Man I wish that was true but in my fantasy world it is when I gear up and play Titanfall 2.

For those yet to be anointed Titanfall in its most basic form is just like your Call of Duty ‘first person shooter’ games, but it has an edge. During combat you have the opportunity to call in a Titan, a suit of mechanical armour that enables you to further devastate your enemies with a range of abilities.

I first became familiar with Titanfall on the the Xbox 360 with the original game which was solely a multiplayer experience.

You, are a pilot, a perfectly trained and an enhanced killing machine sent into battle against your foes. The pilot is the pinnacle of military training in a bitter war with advanced training and abilities.

You surround yourself with what is is considered lesser tactical assets such as Grunts, who are pretty terrible soldiers and an army of mechwarriors in the form of Spectres. You battle an opposing team with similar abilities but the pilot is king with advanced tactical skills and movement.

Now this may seem like all of the other run of the mill FPS games but as you build up your kills you earn your Titan, your ultimate weapon. Your Titan is a son of a bitch of destruction. If you remember the days of PC gaming and Mechwarrior you know where this is going.

I love a good FPS but Titanfall is the daddy. There is something about taking out your enemies and then then calling in a killer robot to take out the rest.

Like I said, the original Titanfall was a totally multiplayer affair but its sequel introduces a campaign mode. To be totally honest it is a little slow to get going but stick with it as it does get better. But like the original Titanfall comes to life in multiplayer mode.

There is no game in history that I am more than happy to pick up and play on a regular basis, before work, after work and any other time that my TV is free.

The world may be obsessed with other FPS games but for me Titanfall is the game for me. Whether it be on Xbox One, PS4 or PC there is nothing that compares to its action and excitement.

If you want to kick ass get a robot to do it for you. Titanfall 2 is one of the stand-out games of this new generation.

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