10 Most Interesting Websites To Visit When You Are Bored!!!

10 Most Interesting Websites To Visit When You Are Extremely Bored

 10 Most Interesting Websites To Visit When You Are Bored!!! 

The Internet is deep, I mean really deep but there are times that you get utterly bored. Visiting the same websites, Wiki, Reddit and other web resources is good but doing it day in day out can cause a certain ennui even diehard web surfers.

Then there are times in which you wish to remain alone with your thoughts. Such moments of solitude can cause depression and in moments like this, what is better to check out some of the amazing websites that are just made to kill your boredom. 

Today we have bring a small collection of websites which have something in common: they are as useless as are entertaining. These websites are not meant to be bookmarked or taken seriously. They are there on the Internet for killing your that ‘ten minutes’ which you don’t know how to spend.

10 Most Interesting Websites To Kill Your Boredom

The Useless Web

This is the most useless website there is. And so the developers have aptly named it “The Useless Web.” The website will take you to any random and useless site which will keep you entertained for a minute or so. So, keep clicking The Useless Web button and watch your time being wasted.

Hacker Typer 

Another website where you can spend those boring minutes typing abracadabra and watching it coming to screen as a coding language. The Hacker Typer lets you enter anything random and it will appear as a code on the screen complete with the surreal black screen and green cursor.

The Faces Of Facebook 

 When bored it is best to watch profile pictures of Facebook users. One such site, The Faces of Facebook loads 1.28 billion Facebook users in a single page. You can randomly click on any part of the screen and visit any Facebook user profile that is thrown up. From a philosophical point of view, The Faces of Facebook shows us how small in this world considering the number of Facebook profiles is almost equal to the population of India.

Weave Silk 

Remember in the olden days when there was no Internet and we used to pass time by drawing absurd designs on a piece of paper. Now you can do it online with Weave Silk. The website lets you kill time by creating amazing creative works of art with your mouse cursor. 

This Is Sand 

Just like Weave Silke above, This is Sand lets you create very creative designs with sand. Just press the C key to select the color and click anywhere on the screen to start pouring sand on the screen. Kill as much time as possible with all that sand at your disposal creating piles and piles of designs.

Incredi Box 

Music is perhaps the best medium to kill time. And Incredi Box lets you create your own sounds as you go along. With a few proper clicks, you could become Beethoven or Mozart, just don’t tell it to the world. 

A Soft Murmur 

Listening to the fabulous sounds of nature is a fantastic way of killing your boredom. Listening to the sound of sea waves or a running river can cool down an agitated person. A Soft Murmur is the perfect website for bored souls. So, just plug in your headphone and relax to the sounds of nature.

The Nicest Place On The Internet 

The Nicest Place on the Internet is just that, the nicest place on the Internet. If you are feeling bored, it is the best place to kill your time by getting hugs from random people on the Internet.

Free Rice 

This is a website which combines pastime with charity. The more you want to kill your time, the more you will donate to the charity. Every correct answer given by you is converted into 10 grains of rice which are then donated to the charity.

Do I Have A Dead Pixel 

Do I Have A Dead Pixel tries to make your boredom a little productive. It involves testing your monitor to see if the screen has a dead pixel. You can pass your time trying to find that one solitary dead pixel on your desktop or laptop screen. Be sure to wipe your screen with a cloth so that you don’t confuse dirt spots with dead pixels.



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