WhatsApp upgrade brings albums, filters and reply shortcut for iPhone users; here’s how it works

New WhatsApp features, including a single swipe for response and album view for media, are being rolled out for iPhone users around the world

 WhatsApp ios

It’s has now become much more easier to manage the barrage of photographs on your WhatsApp. The popular messaging platform has announced new features for iOS users around the world, including albums and filters.

WhatsApp users will now get an album view when they send or receive a collection of five or more photos or videos. These will be automatically grouped into an album with a tile display within your messages. Users will be able to tp on the album to see the collection of photos and videos in full screen.

Meanwhile, the app refresh also brings in filters for photos, videos, and GIFs right inside the WhatsApp camera. Once you select the video or photo a simple swipe will showcase the filters for you to choose from. At the moment there are five options including pop, black and white, cool, chrome, and film.

In another feature that is sure to find a lot of users WhatsApp has added a reply shortcut by swiping right on any message to start typing a response. Some months back, WhatsApp had added a forward message shortcut right next to the messages.

WhatsApp has close to 200 million users in India. Globally over 50 billion messages are sent each day in WhatsApp, including over 3.3 billion photos, 760 million videos, and 80 million GIFs.


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