This Brilliant Logitech Mouse Pad Works As A Wireless Charger And It Will Change The Game Forever

Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System: Full Specs and Details

The Logitech G-product range offers one of the best gaming peripherals for gaming PCs and their mouse range has been gaining a lot of support amongst hardcore gamers. The company has various wireless mouse options and the only problem most people face is the battery life of these mice. However, Logitech has solved the recurrent problem as they launched the worlds' first-ever wireless charging system.

Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System: Full Specs and Details
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The PowerPlay Wireless Charging System addresses the problem of running out of juice and has solved it once and for all. The mousemat works as a wireless charger, is vast in size and has the ability to recharge your wireless mouse when you play your games. The mousemat makes sure that your mouse never runs out of juice and it costs US$99.00 (Approximately INR 6,500).

A Logitech blogpost said “The POWERPLAY energy field is transformed into a charging current by the POWERCORE module, which attaches magnetically to compatible wireless gaming mice. The beauty of POWERPLAY is that your mouse will charge while you're at play and at rest. We've made it that simple. It just stays charged. So, group up fearlessly, grind ranks, raid to your heart's content … Repeat. Ad infinitum.”

Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System: Full Specs and Details
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The G Powerplay is compatible with two Logitech wireless mice i.e G703 and the G903. The specs on the mice are the same, they support Windows 7 – Windows 10, have a 200 – 12,000 DPI variable track rate, the same PMW3366 sensor, and a two-year warranty. 

The two mice also have a 1ms response rate making it ideal for gaming and both have 2.4Ghz bands. The G703 has six buttons whereas the premium G903 has 11 buttons and an ambidextrous frame. According to Logitech, these two mice will run for 32 hours on a single charge and their software will automatically track the battery level of these mice. When the battery is low, the software app will prompt to start charging your mice wirelessly.

You can watch the G PowerPlay in action below:


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