This Vertu phone costs roughly Rs 2.3 crore and we really don’t know why

vertu signature cobra

Vertu, the popular luxury smartphone maker, just announced a new phone called SIGNATURE Cobra that has a total of 439 rubies and dozens of emeralds shaped like a cobra on the phone’s exterior. In all honesty, it looks hideous and we will definitely judge you if you buy one.

vertu signature cobra

Vertu is known for making super luxury gadgets and the SIGNATURE Cobra is no different. And yes, it isn’t even a smartphone. It is a true blue feature phone.

With the standard Vertu design and an exclusive cobra on the front panel, this ‘phone’ has been priced at $360,000 (Rs 2.3 crore approx.) mostly because of the use of rare metals, like emeralds and rubies, the mosaic and handcrafted design, and the phone’s exclusivity. The company will sell only eight units of the phone in the world.

vertu signature cobra

Limited edition by all means, the Vertu Signature Cobra can be pre-booked on by paying a nominal fee of just $145. Once confirmed, the phone will be delivered to personally by the company’s representative who will arrive on a helicopter.

Even if the company’s representative arrives on a Concorde, we don’t think we’d ever want to buy this abomination of a phone.


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