Let's Face It, Microsoft Is More Innovative Than Apple Today & There Is No Denying That

Apple has redefined the way we function in the modern world. Whether it was the introduction of the iPhone or the MacBook Pro, Apple has dominated the market ever since. However, a few months ago, Microsoft announced their latest computer dubbed the ‘Surface Studio’ and it is packed with some innovative 3D software, which makes it a very interesting innovation.

Microsoft more innovative than Apple

Microsoft even introduced a new device called the SurfaceDial, which can be used as a mouse, a touchscreen and even a digital pen. The SurfaceDial can manipulate images and can even perform basic functions like adjusting brightness, volume, colour palettes and the usual scrolling we are all used to. It can even be used to make music on professional software like Ableton and such.

Microsoft more innovative than Apple© Microsoft
Microsoft even introduced their ultimate augmented reality device the ‘HoloLens’ that also works with Surface computers. It is a cloud-based service, which uses artificial intelligence to simulate augmented reality for users. The HoloLens is something that will be highly used by developers (gaming and other technologies) which will make ‘Surface Studio’ the all-star PC we’ve been waiting for.

Microsoft more innovative than Apple© Microsoft

Microsoft more innovative than Apple© Microsoft

So why do we think Apple has been lagging behind? Let’s have a look at what they are currently doing. The simple problem with Apple is that they are not hungry enough anymore. They have become lazy because of high sales and are now following other company’s innovations rather than creating their own. Long gone are the days where Apple introduced the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and the very first virtual assistant ‘Siri’.

Microsoft more innovative than Apple© Apple

Apple launched their new Macbook and even though it is thinner, crispier and elegant looking, it does not push any boundaries. They included a touch bar that nobody really gives a shit about and it is more of a gimmick rather than an innovation. And, that is why they have become BORING. The touch bar can be used to send Emojis (Slow clap for you if you thought that is innovative).

Microsoft more innovative than Apple© Apple
The touch bar might be neat but is it really worth the money? Is it innovative in any way? Sure it is neat, but it can’t do anything that the Microsoft Surface can do.  Having used the touch bar for a few days and I realised one thing; it sure does make everything more inconvenient. I was always trying to open and close menus on the touch bar so that I could adjust the volume or the brightness of my screen. Imagine if you drop coffee or a drink on the touch screen, you are basically fucked because there isn’t even a physical Escape key to reboot/end applications.

Touch Bar:

What used to take you one click in Photoshop now takes you 15.

Microsoft used latest innovations in VR and AR to achieve something Apple might take another year or two to develop. We saw people using Microsoft paint and the HoloLens to construct super cool 3D objects which could be transferred to a VR port.

Ok. Break time is over. @Apple needs to get back to being hungry. I hope they’re watching this 

Apple’s touch bar probably has only one use that might justify its inclusion on future Apple products. Apple Pay might the single thing on that touch bar that impresses me. The thought of using a fingerprint scanner to pay for things online is a cool idea, but it’s still something I wouldn’t call innovative.

Microsoft more innovative than Apple© Microsoft

If you are wondering what the fuck I am actually talking about, here’s a quick recap of Microsoft’s new PC that, in our opinion, has been pushing the envelope way further than Apple.

Microsoft more innovative than Apple© Microsoft
If Apple wants to be in the race, they need to be hungrier in order to compete and become more innovative. No longer can Apple afford to live in a bubble.


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