How To Make Money With Facebook [Infographic]

Facebook is the website which is used by billion peoples in this world. When I say you that you can easily earn money from Facebook. It seems to be quite interesting, Right? If you want know that how can you earn money from Facebook. So in today’s tutorial, I will be showing you how can you earn money from Facebook.

You might have heard about Facebook Page you can create pages on Facebook and if you sell something on Facebook by putting your affiliate links, if any user buys from your given product link you will get commission of that product.

There are many E-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and other companies provide affiliate marketing. So you can create page on Facebook and then post about any loots of products and then sell them via Facebook.

You can easily earn money from Facebook. If you have Facebook page of anything and getting thousands of views daily you can easily sell them to anyone and believe me Facebook pages can be sold to anyone in thousands, but the page should be active and working.

If you want to invest money so you can invest money into your page by easily boosting the page by paying some money to Facebook and you will get more likes and followers. Isn’t it good? Invest some and get some more. You can even earn money by creating Facebook app and check the image below you will understand better

Methods Make Money With Facebook [Infographic]

Make Money With Facebook

  • Self Promotion
  • Paid Promotion
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Run Facebook Ads to Boost Sales
  • Money with Facebook Apps and Games
  • Sell your Facebook fan page Important – Believe me if you want to do something big and earn money it takes time. Don’t do ethical tricks to increase the Facebook likes something as bot we have 300 views on our Facebook page but its genuine likes so to get something you need to give that thing sometime and it will show you results soon.


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  1. I have a Facebook page, i searched a lot to make money from it but this article helped me thanks for sharing


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