Learn How The Most Amazing Things You Can Do With Your USB Pendrive!

 Pen-drives provides an portable access medium through which we can transfer data fro one computer to another.We use pendrives for sharing data with our friends or just as a storage device to store our contents. But Now you can do more with your pen drive with these amazing tricks. Pendrive is a fantastic tech device that can run Linux live os in any PC, hack window PC, connect with Android and do many things. Read this article and give your reviews in a comments box.


1. Use Pendrive as a RAM with Readyboost

You can turn your Pendrive into a Virtual PC ram, this method increases your computer performance. You don’t need to install any software on your system. Just follow steps for turn your pen drive into a virtual PC RAM
  • Plug yourPendrive into PC or Laptop. 
  • Use Pendrive as a Virtual RAM
  • Right, Click on your Pendrive icon or drive which shown in window explorer and Select Properties Option.

  • Now you see the new dialog box, choose ReadyBoost tab and select use this device option. Now set yourPendrive space( how much you use pen drive space for virtual ram.) If you use 16GBPendrive, then select at least 4GB space for virtual ram. 

2. Secure Your Pendrive with Password from Bitlocker

Anyone can read your pen drive data from the plug into the computer. Make yourself smart with BitLocker, BitLocker encrypt your pen drive data and secure your pen drive with the password. Set password and pen drive is very simple, and you don’t need to download any additional software on your PC.
Steps for Enabling Bitlocker Pendrive Encryption
  • Right Click and YourPendrive and Choose Turn on  Bitlocker Option.

  • Now set your strong Password in Bitlocker.

3.  Run Live Linux OS from Pendrive in any Computer

If you are hacker or security analyst, you can run any Linux os from pen drive. You don’t need to install anything on your computer, just plug your pen drive and you can run Linux OS like Ubuntu, Kali, and Backtrack from Pendrive.This thing helps you lots in pen testing and run live is on any desktop or laptop.

Create a Bootable Pendrive of Linux OS in Windows

4. Run Portable Apps from Pendrive

Run Portable programs and software from pen drive means you don’t need to install software on your Windows PC. You can install and run programs from Pendrive. If you go to your friend’s house, and you want to to be run your favorite software, but your friend doesn’t want to install your software on PC. You can use this method for running portable Windows programs on any PC.

Download PortableApps Software that run portable programs from Pendrive.

5. Partition Your Windows PC Drives

If you want Partition your Window Drives, download Parted Magic Software that partition on the drive with harming your current window os. Boot your PC with Parted Magic Software from your pen drive and you can Partition your pen drive.

6. Lock and Unlock your Computer from Pendrive

Now you can unlock your computer from your pen drive. Predator is amazing software that can secure your computer from unauthorized access. Install this software on your Computer and Pendrive. Without Pendrive, you can’t unlock your Window Computer.

7.  Connect Pendrive with Your Android Phone

Connect your pen drive to your Android phone and you can quickly read your pen drive data from your phone. Download Stickmount android app in your phone and Connect Pendrive with your phone from OTG Cable.

8. Rescue Your Infected PC

If you think your PC is infected with the virus and can’t start your window os on your PC. This is one of the best solutions for you; you can scan your window PC from rescue disks. Rescue is bootable software that runs when you boot your computer from pen drive. Download Kaspersky and AVG rescue disks and remove malware and rootkits from your computer.

Now you can use your Pendrive more smartly and usefully from these tricks.


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