Gmail:4 New Features You May Not Be Aware Of!

 4 New Features You May Not Be Aware Of|4 New Features You May Not Be Aware Of!
Google has been constantly upgrading its free e-mail service Gmail to better user experience and make its enhance security.

While we might be using Gmail on a regular basis, these updates many a times hard to spot.

So, here's over to 5 new features Gmail has recently got. Read Less

1. Rich Text Formatting

It is difficult to format text -- bold, italic, underline or highlight -- while mailing someone from the mobile app.

Google has now added rich text support and you can easily highlight what’s important to you. 

2. Instant RSVPs

Google has made it easier to schedule and respond to Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange invitations on the mobile app. Users can now just opt for the one-tap option to know their schedule and place meetings accordingly.  

3. Gmailify

If you prefer using Gmail than other emailing services like Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail/ However, have accounts on these platforms which you have to use? Google has a solution for you: Gmailify.

Though since 2015, Google's Gmail Android app has allowed users to manage their mail from non-Gmail accounts, Gmailify brings the features of Gmail like spam protection, in-box organization, Google Cards and more to users with Outlook, Yahoo and other e-mail addresses.

For now, Gmailify works only with Yahoo and Microsoft's Hotmail/Outlook accounts, however, Google plans to add support for more providers in coming days. Read Less

4. TLS encryption alert

Gmail supports TLS encryption to automatically encrypt both incoming and outgoing emails. If the sender’s email address doesn’t support TLS encryption, then Gmail will notify its users with a broken lock icon in the message.


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