Google Pixel 2: "Why should" and "Why should not" to purchase Pixel 2 smartphone

Pixel 2 Pros and Cons

Their only mission was to raise themselves in the crowd of smartphones. Google's handset were enhanced with the feature of Artificial Intelligence. If one is keen to purchase this handset then they should be aware of its pros and cons:

Google Pixel 2

Powerful cameras

No doubt camera quality as usual is best provided. They stood on the dot in terms of camera. 12.2 MP camera is served portraying the focus on the image and background being blur without a second lens. Also, the combination of Google’s HDR+ feature and a wider f 1/8 aperture delivers an excellent low light.

If you want to shoot the video the both the handsets Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is brought up with an optical image stabilization for steadier footage.

One can avail free unlimited photo storage via Google Photos.

Google Pixel 2

Google Lens will save your time

Google Lens takes object recognition to the next level.
For example: If one points its camera at a book or movie poster, then the Google Assistant fetches reviews along with additional information. Google Lens has the capability to identify the phone numbers, email addresses and URLs in photos, displaying that information to direct you in a right path.

Google Pixel 2

Gorgeous OLED screens (especially the Pixel 2 XL)

These handsets displays the colourful OLED’s, the screen on the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL ups the ante with a higher, 2880 x 1440-pixel resolution, compared to 1920 x 1080 on the 5-inch Pixel 2.

Always-on display with a twist

A very amazing feature has been inserted in this set where you need not to touch the screen to see time and other notifications like Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. Google’s phone have a great feature of listening too. Using Google Assistant, this handset automatically detects and identifies the songs playing around you and display the information. You can tap on song as well as use Google Assistant to add the tune to your library or to play the video songs on you tube.

Google Pixel 2

Delicious and pure Android Oreo (with three years of updates)

If one is very much concerned for the version being used in the phones then the customers need to relax themselves as they have come up with the purest version of Google’s Oreoi operating system, which actually means the snappier performance. One can use two apps at once and finer control over notification. Good news for the customers is that the latest Pixel phones comes up with three years of guarantee software and security updates. So, one can be free minded and relax if opting for this product.

No headphone jack

Headphones jacks are not provided in this handset which lacks to fulfil the need for jacks in audience. They copied iPhone 8 and iPhone X. There are numerous cheap wireless earbuds and Google includes a dongle in the box.

No wireless charging

User’s opting for this handset should be aware that they have not provided the wireless charging as Apple does. One needs to plug in the charger to power up the handset. Google has set a wired charging promising a 7 hour of power in 15 minutes. This is really amazing and the users can find a privilege if opts for it.

Google Pixel 2

Cameras lack optical zoom

Google failed to take the credit for delivering a Portrait Mode with a single lens but few dual-lens camera smartphones like iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 serves you with 2x optical zoom. This may distort the photo quality in comparison with these handsets.

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