Vodafone Rs 352 vs Reliance Jio's Rs 399, 84GB data packs: Here’s a quick comparison

Vodafone is challenging Reliance Jio with its new ‘Vodafone Campus Survival Kit’, and offering up to 84GB data at Rs 445 for students. The new offer was announced by the company for Delhi/NCR, and will be slowly rolled out to all parts of the country. 

Now with Reliance Jio offering 84 days validity and nearly 84 GB of data in some plans, we’ve seen other telecom players try and counter Jio’s data offerings. Here’s a look at Vodafone’s best plans with 1 GB data per day compared to Reliance Jio.

Vodafone recharge with 1GB per day and 84 day validity


Vodafone recharge is priced at Rs 445, and comes with unlimited calls and 1 GB of 4G/3G data every day. However, the validity is much more than the average 28 days like we’ve seen on the other Vodafone 1 GB data per day plans. The student recharge has 84 days validity, which effectively means 84 GB of data for the recharge period, including free calling and SMS included.

However, there is a catch in this plan. The ‘Vodafone Campus Survival Kit’ is meant for students in Delhi NCR, and only for new connections. Vodafone will expand this to other cities as well.

 Also the first recharge will cost Rs 445, and come with discount coupons and a bag free as part of the offer. This is in addition to the unlimited calling benefits, 1GB data free per day. All other recharges done after this will be priced at Rs 352, and will have the same benefits, including the 84 day validity.

Vodafone will also offer discounts from Ola, Zomato, etc to the users as part of the plan but only for the first recharge. On the number of calling minutes, the plan caps it at 300 minutes per day, and 1200 minutes per week, which is standard with what other players also offer in the unlimited calling packs.

Vodafone also introduced another plan, which gives 70 GB of data for customers at Rs 244 recharge. The First Recharge Coupon (FRC) 244 plan is meant for the company’s new 4G prepaid customers, and comes with 1GB data per day, unlimited local and STD calls within Vodafone network. 

The plan’s tariff might vary depending on the region. The total validity is 70 days. After the first recharge, the second recharge of the same plan will have a 35 day validity.

Vodafone has regular data packs as well with 1GB data per day, though the validity is limited to 28 days. The Rs 348 plan in Delhi has 1GB per day data for 4G/3G data coupled with unlimited mobile calls across networks. 

If you get this recharge via online or the Vodafone App, you can also get 5 per cent cash back. This plan should show up for Delhi/NCR subscribers on their Vodafone App.

Reliance Jio’s Dhan Dhana Dhan plans

Reliance Jio’s Dhan Dhana Dhan plans 

Reliance Jio’s Dhan Dhana Dhan plans were upgraded this month. There’s a Rs 349 plan with 20GB 4G data, and validity of 56 days. 

Then there’s a Rs 399 plan, which will give users 1GB data per day, all voice calls are free, and the validity is 84 days. So in effect for Rs 399 the Reliance Jio plan will get users 84 GB data for the period. With the Vodafone plan, it is limited to new connections.

Additionally, Reliance Jio has a Rs 309 recharge with 56 days validity and 1 GB data per day. The plan also keeps all voice calls, SMS free on the network. 

Reliance Jio users will have to pay Rs 99 for the Jio Prime membership in order to be eligible for the plans. Also both Jio and Vodafone has a daily FUP in these plans. If you cross the 1GB data limit, then the speed is reduced to 128 kbps in Jio’s case.


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