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 This is How You Can Get The Best Wi-Fi Signal In Your House


In The present scenario our lifestyle where we spend our lot of time on getting Social,Good and Internet Connectivity have become the essential Part of Our life.In order to get a high speed connectivity Wi-fi is a good option.

But Getting the best Wi-Fi signal in your own house is like finding a solution to come out of the maze while being stuck in the maze. We take our Wi-Fi router for granted and we just place it anywhere knowing that all of us are getting the internet connection.

If you want to increase your Wi-Fi speed, the first criteria would be to get the best Wi-Fi signal. There is no way out where you can leverage your Wi-Fi data without getting the best Wi-Fi signal with a good strength. fossbBytes has come up with an article covering all the aspects of getting the best Wi-Fi signal by telling you how interference, Wi-Fi channel, the line of sight etc. matters. 

Since we are all paying for the data usage, it’s our right to utilize the Wi-Fi to its fullest which we ignore because we take life as it comes. So, we have come up with some tricks and tweaks on how can we get the best Wi-Fi signal in our house.

How to Get the Best Wi-Fi signal in your house:


  • Put the Wi-Fi router ideally in the central location of the house as a Wi-Fi router extends the Wi-Fi signal in every direction.

  • Avoid keeping the Wi-Fi router in one of the corners of your house because more than half of our Wi-Fi signals are ended up providing connections in the neighborhood.

  • If your data port lies on one of the corners of the house then consider running a long ethernet cable to the center of the house, it does not cost much.

  • Remember, any solid structure like a wooden wall or a concrete wall are impediments to the Wi-Fi signal.

  • Do not forget the Wi-Fi antenna. They have some serious effect on the quality of the signal you receive. If you have not one, better buy one to get more coverage and stronger signal.

  • You can use a plenty of apps available out there for free of cost to measure your Wi-Fi signal strength. This way, you can easily decide the perfect or at least, close-to-perfect location for your Wi-Fi router.

  • Wi-Fi router should be kept in line-of-sight to your device to get a strong Wi-Fi signal.

  • Dark spots are the points in our room where Wi-Fi signals get canceled out after reflection. So if you are not getting a good signal at a particular location, try switching your position a little bit. Here is the video explaining that:

  • Many materials absorb a quite bit of the signals and a concrete wall absorbs the most.

  • Some of the things which should be avoided when planning to keep a Wi-Fi router nearby are:
    • Concrete wall
    • Water body like an aquarium, the little fountain, microwave etc.
  • A vertical antenna position helps make a better in horizontal space and Vice versa to get the best Wi-Fi signal.

Besides, the above observations which are mostly based on the physical locations of placing a Wi-Fi router, there are some other technical tweaks which help you improve your Wi-Fi router’s performance. Some of the tricks to get a strong Wi-Fi signal are:

  • Update router firmware
  • Choose correct wifi channel
  • Disconnect old devices from Wi-Fi router
  • Replace antenna
  • Restarting your router etc.


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