Google launches latest Android version Marshmallow and updates for Play Music, Photos

Google introduced the latest version of their Android platform which has been named Marshmallow. The latest Android OS will be rolled out to all Nexus devices in a few weeks. We can expect Nexus devices in India to start receiving the update from the first week of October as they are rolled out in sequence.
Google had announced their latest version of the Android OS would be called Android Marshmallow at their I/O event earlier this year. The user interface may not look very different but the company has made a number of changes to the Mobile OS to make the usage of the devices much easier and more practical. The permissions system will ask the user permission when they use the app rather than just doing so while installing the app.
 To save battery life, there is a Doze function that has been added which will switch the device to a kind of sleep mode when left unused for extended periods of time. The Google Now on Tap feature allows users to use relevant data from their usage of any app on their device. Voice search has been improved and can be initiated right from the lock screen.

The LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P will sport in-built finger print sensors and a reworked app drawer with the ability to uninstall pre-installed apps as per the needs and requirement of the user. Google Play Music will be available for a family of up to 6 individual users for USD 14.99. The Photos app comes as a cross platform update and will be available for iOS users as well along with Web users as well who can expect the update by the end of 2015.

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