Upcoming 7 Seater Skoda Kodiaq , New Skoda Suv Launch In INDIA , Features , Specifications ,Price And Launch Date in INDIA

Upcoming 7 Seater Skoda Kodiaq , New Skoda Suv Launch In INDIA , Features , Specifications ,Price And Launch Date in INDIA

New skoda Kodiaq launching in india

Expected Launch: 4 October 2017
Expected Price: ₹25 Lakhs

New Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda is ready to launch its flagship SUV, the Kodiaq, in India. The Kodiaq very much looks like a part of the Skoda family with grille and headlamps similar to the ones seen on the Superb. The fog lamps are placed much higher above than the usual position to give a more SUV like feel. The sculpted bonnet and the squarish wheel arches present a perfect combination of muscularity as well as sophistication. The 8 inch capacitive touchscreen is the highlight inside the Kodiaq. The 8 inch unit is extremely responsive and has a lot of infotainment options.

New Skoda SUV in INDIA

Best features of the Skoda Kodiaq :

1. Infotainment system:

skoda kodiaq Infotainment system

It have a setup of eight-inch infotainment screen dominating the centre console. You get the same circular dials, steering wheel, stalks, window switches and air con controls as seen on other Skodas.  The infotainment system comes loaded with navigation, Mirror Link, Amundsen music system with Canton Speakers, intercom featuring front mic to rear speaker, and Boss connect app on command. A 360-degree parking camera and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity are also a part of the feature list.

2.Driving modes:

Driving modes

In Kodiaq there is a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder TDI engine producing 150bhp and 340Nm. The transmission is a seven-speed DSG. The SUV gets five driving modes - Eco, Normal, Sport, Individual and Snow. This is the first time in India that a Skoda is offered with driving modes. The driving mode alters the engine, gearbox and steering response.

3.Door protectors:

skoda kodiaq Door protectors

Skoda has provided its big SUV with a retractable door protectors. The black rubber beading pops out when you open the door and goes back in when you close it. It a pretty handy feature when parking the vehicle in tight spots or close to walls thus preventing undesired scratches on the Kodiaq or the car parked next to it.

4.Park Assist:

Park Assist

The Kodiaq is a big vehicle that can get cumbersome to park. Hence Skoda has provided the flagship SUV with a hands-free auto park assist. The park assist can help in parallel or perpendicular parking without any steering input by the driver.

5.Height adjustable tailgate:

Height adjustable tailgate

It is similar ad the feature provided in Volkswagen Tiguan the Kodiaq comes with a height adjustable tailgate. You can set an indefinite pre-determined height and the tailgate will open only up to that height. This feature is useful in opening the tailgate when parked in a narrow height garage.

upcoming suv in india

Details of Skoda Kodiaq have been leaked. The car is India-bound and is expected to be launched here next month. It is Skoda’s first big SUV and sits right on top of a new SUV line-up that the Czech automaker will introduce over the next few years. 

Latest car in india

According to the Leaked Informations , Kodiaq will be offered in India with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. This is the same engine being offered in the Volkswagen Tiguan but here it will produce 147bhp/340Nm as compared to the former’s 141bhp/340Nm. The only gearbox on offer is a seven-speed DSG. This engine option seems logical considering that the Tiguan and the Kodiaq are underpinned by the MQB platform and  produced in the same factory in Aurangabad.

upcoming  skoda carn in india

In terms of numbers, the Kodiaq is longer than the Tiguan and measures 4.69-metres with a wheelbase of 2.71-metres.  The Tiguan is 4.4-metres long and has a wheelbase of 2.6-metres.

latest car in market

The Kodiaq will be an important car for the automaker as this is their first big SUV in the premium segment of the market. It is expected to be priced on par with the compact luxury SUVs and will be billed as a bigger and feature loaded alternative to the likes of  the cars from Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo.  

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