Mercedes MayBach 6 : Future concept Car of Mercedes , Price , Specification , Tech Details and Many More.

Future concept Car of Mercedes , Mercedes MayBag 6 

Future concept Car of Mercedes , Mercedes MayBach6

Mercedes-Maybach : It unveiled a cabriolet version of its Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept from last year, all there is to say about it really is that it looks like money. A lot of money.

Mercedes-Maybach 6


Its exterior looks like a yacht or whatever, but it’s the interior that gets really weird. There’s this odd light band that wraps around the dashboard and doors, surrounding the occupants in this glowing blue light. The seats also feature little glowing buttons for some reason. It reminds me of a mall aquarium, or a hotel Jacuzzi that’s trying just a little too hard.


when I look at a concept like this, I don’t see a car I want to drive. This is way too out of touch and out of reach for me. It’s more like looking at a monument to wealth, or some freak natural occurrence like, say, a solar eclipse. It’s for me to see and enjoy, but it’s just there for people to experience.

Maybach6 concept

This swooping concept car: unveiled last weekend at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, rejects all notions of practicality. It measures nearly 18.7 feet long and 6.9 feet wide, yet offers just two seats. The wheels stand 24 inches tall. Although the 6 Cabriolet runs on battery power (its solitary nod to the future) and therefore lacks an engine, the hood makes up about half the car’s length.
The vestigial radiator grille was inspired by a pinstripe suit—something else Silicon Valley is doing its best to kill. The rear end brings to mind a yacht, a theme apparently chosen to keep anyone from thinking the car draws ideas from something useful, like a container ship.

maybach 6

In This Car : the interior offers a melee of leather, chrome, open-pore wood, and aluminum. Mercedes’s Rumpelstiltskin department even weaved rose gold into the fabric top. When you aren't gazing out over roughly four acres of hood from the driver's seat, you can monitor the car's vital functions with a glance of what Mercedes calls “hyperanalogue” instruments—digital displays with real needles sweeping over them.

maybach 6 review

TECHNICAL REVIEW : Each wheel gets its own electric motor that draws power from the battery that comprises the car’s underbody. All told, they generate 750 horsepower, and the car will go 200 miles between charges. Well, it might if the car actually existed. 

maybach 6 engine review

ENGINE REVIEW : It have  Instead of the twin-turbo V12 most people expected, the concept is actually electric, meaning the space up front is empty save for two bespoke suitcases. Moving the car are four wheel-mounted electric motors, which produce a whopping 738 horsepower in total. Not only does this make the vehicle all-wheel drive, Mercedes says it will sprint to 60 mph in less than 4.0 seconds . It also boasts a range of more than 200 miles.

maybach 6 user review

PRICE REVIEW : Mercedes’ Maybach sub-brand made a triumphant return to form in late 2014 when it announced the Mercedes-Maybach S600, a limousine that measures nearly 18 feet long and starts at $189,350. Coming next for the U.S. market will be the Mercedes-Maybach S550 4MATIC, which launches in fall 2016.

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