Best Smartphones for Shooting Brighter and Crystal Clear Low Light Photos

 Best Smartphones for Shooting Brighter and Crystal Clear Low Light Photos

Now a days smartphones have become our best companion to capture our best moments with our friends and relatives. But capturing big moments in low light, especially at night is still a big deal. 

Today we have bring a list of best smartphones that will surely help you to capture crystal clear brighter pics in low light or during night.

So, lets have a look:

Google Pixel/Pixel XL:

 Google Pixel/Pixel XL

They are last year’s phones, but both the Pixels still beat this year’s flagships when it comes to low light photography. It still has one of the fastest cameras amongst Android phones, and it will shoot the challenging frames Diwali presents, with ease. The Pixel’s auto-HDR mode will also come in handy for the festival.

  • BACK   CAMERA  - 12 MP

Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 

Few do low light photography as good as Samsung. Granted, the company eases on details in low light photos, but it creates an altogether brighter image that looks exceptional. With its two cameras, the Galaxy Note 8 is a more advanced camera than the Galaxy S8, and as we saw in our head to head comparison earlier, it is the better low light image. Truth be told, it was an either or between the Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but we think Samsung's brightly lit photos will impress more users than Apple's emphasis on details and keeping photos closer to source.

  • BACK  CAMERA  - 12 MP + 12 MP

Honor 8 Pro:

Honor 8 Pro 

We’re being strict here, so the Honor 8 Pro is the only phone that makes the cut in the mid-ranged. It uses the two cameras to enhance light input when shooting photographs, and that could be a godsend for night shots during Diwali. You will need steady hands and a little time to shoot good photos.

  • BACK   CAMERA  - 12 MP  + 12 MP

Samsung Galaxy On Max:

Samsung Galaxy On Max  

Samsung launched the Galaxy On Max touting its low light shooting prowess, and we concur. While the company did make some questionable choices with this phone, it is indeed the best indeed the best phone for low light photography in the sub-20k range. It’s ideal for budget buyers this Diwali.

  • FRONT CAMERA  - 13 MP 
  • BACK   CAMERA  - 13 MP

Huawei Honor 9i:

Huawei Honor 9i  

The recently launched Huawei Honor 9i can take decent photographs in low light. It’s actually amongst our recommended smartphones under 20k list right now. The device sports a new Kirin 659 processor, that gives you dependable performance, and battery life is dependable too. If you’re interested in good looking phones, this should be your pick for Diwali. The Honor 9i also has a dual-front camera by the way, so your phone will be the one shooting the best low light selfies this year.

  • FRONT CAMERA  - 13 MP + 2 MP
  • BACK   CAMERA  - 16 MP + 2 MP

Moto G5 Plus:

Moto G5 Plus

The best smartphone for photography in the sub-20k range is also the best for low light photos. The Moto G5 Plus is a dependable smartphone with a great camera. The dual-pixel sensor does wonders in low light, as long as you have enough time to shoot photos. It’s worth looking into for sure.

  • BACK   CAMERA  - 12 MP

Lenovo K8 Plus:

Lenovo K8 Plus  

The cheapest phone on this list, the Lenovo K8 Plus gives you the best a low budget can offer. It doesn’t compare to the flagships, but its dual-camera setup does a pretty good job considering its low pricing.

  • BACK   CAMERA  - 13 MP

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