Best Bluetooth Speaker Under Rs.1000

Main Points To Consider When Buying The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.1000


1. Size and Potability:-

->The size of the Bluetooth speaker matters a lot, even if you will be confining it to a   particular spot in your electronic collection.

->There are different designs in various sizes and shapes, some of which can be packed in   a bag, carried by an attached handle or stowed in your pocket.

->The size of the speaker should be small enough to be moved around conveniently but not   too small that it affects the quality of the speaker itself.

->The smaller they get, the lesser the quality of sound they provide. However, a balance   is the perfect solution because you should not have to trade sound quality for speaker   portability, or otherwise.

2. Sound Quality :-

-> No   speakers are made equal, but the sound quality of the Bluetooth speaker must be    detailed   enough to be pleasant to your ears. As explained in the previous point, the    size tends   to compromise the quality. However, find your balance.

3. Battery Capacity :-

->  The battery capacity indicates the playback time of the Bluetooth speaker.

  You have to find a balance in the features, seeing as larger batteries have higher life    spans but compromise the portability of the device itself. Even if you are taking the    speaker to the desert, those with moderate capacities should do, as they can be   recharged  with car chargers or other means.

4. Range :-

-> The best Bluetooth speakers have a good range that determines the distance between the     phone and the Bluetooth speakers. Even though most times the range does not exceed 50    feet, it is still better to get a Bluetooth speaker that does not disconnect at any    minor interference.

5. Durability :-

-> The best Bluetooth speakers are very durable as they are produced with the best and    highest quality material. They should be able to last for a long time after purchase.    For this, irrespective of the features you require, make sure that the material used in    the production can serve you long enough to be worthy of your purchase.

6. Extra Features :-

-> The Bluetooth speaker might come with extra features like FM radio, AUX support, 3.5 mm    audio jack for wired connections and so on. These extra features add extra value to    your wireless Bluetooth speaker.

7. Placement Location :-

-> Physical objects like a person, a wall, or large objects affect wireless connections    like Bluetooth. The quality of the sound might be reduced due to the obstruction in    connection (interference). Under ideal conditions, Bluetooth speakers give you a range    of 30 feet. So when placing your Bluetooth speakers, choose a location that will not    interfere with the signal from your device to the speaker. Speakers with stronger    sensitivities perform best under such conditions.

8. Hands-free functionality :-

-> Some Bluetooth speakers come with hands-free speakerphone functionality. This feature     in selected devices lets you make and take calls without touching your phone. That        seems more personalized and always comes in handy especially when your hands are full.

9. Inputs and Outputs:-

-> Most Bluetooth speakers have inbuilt AUX features, which let you connect the Bluetooth    to another audio player or a TV. Some Bluetooth speakers feature a 3.5 mm audio jack    that allows wired connection to other devices like phones and laptops. Some can charge    other devices through a USB port too.

10. Other Wireless Connections:-

-> Some Bluetooth speakers come with extra wireless features like Wi-Fi and NFC.
   NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless protocol with a very limited range. It    allows devices to be very close to each other to touch before data transfer can occur.    In Bluetooth speakers, it helps to simplify the pairing between the phone and the    Bluetooth speaker. You can get this done by just tapping the phone with the Bluetooth    speaker. The technology is available to all mobile devices.

11. Brand Popularity :-

-> If you care for brand names and fashion trends, you can also get the best products from    your favorite brands that fall under this category. However, depending on the class of your brand, you might have to compromise on some of the features you desire for such price range, but you will be left with the satisfaction of your to your favorite brand.


1. iBall LIL Bomb 70 – Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Mic

1. iBall LIL Bomb 70 – Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Mic

RATE: 989 INR on Amazon

Pros :--> It has a good battery management.-> The speaker has excellent sound quality.-> It has a great performance.-> Its small size makes it easier to move.

Cons:--> Some users complained about the charging port is defective.-> The speaker is not that durable.-> The actual size is smaller than advertised.

2. Zebronics ZEB-BT015CF – Sparkle 

2. Zebronics ZEB-BT015CF – Sparkle Bluetooth Speaker

RATE: 1099 INR on Amazon

Pros:--> It has an excellent sound quality.-> Good and excellent user-friendly design.-> The battery life is good and allows for long playback time.


Cons:--> Some users complained that the sound of the speaker is low.-> There are some complaints that the Bluetooth disconnects very often.

3. Sony Xperia Z – Compatible Certified HiFi Bluetooth Pill Speaker

3. Sony Xperia Z – Compatible Certified HiFi Bluetooth Pill Speaker

RATE: 1,051 INR on Amazon

-> The Bluetooth speaker is portable and lightweight.
-> The price of the Sony Xperia Z Bluetooth speaker is fair and moderate.
-> It has a great performance.

-> There is no indication that the product is made by Sony.
-> Battery backup and AUX line are not included.

4. Zebronics – Bluetooth Speaker Juke Box

4. Zebronics – Bluetooth Speaker Juke Box
RATE: 888 INR on Amazon

-> It has a loud sound.
-> The quality is good for the price.
-> It is very affordable.
-> The design of the speaker is excellent.

-> The sound quality is not that great.
-> The device construction is not sturdy enough.


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